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Comment Re:Call me when I can get a CableCard-ready TV (Score 1) 439

Did you look into Logitch Harmony universal remotes? They work off of 'activities' rather than 'devices', meaning you click watch TV, and it will turn your TV on and to the right channel and turn on the cable box, and then while in the watch TV activity, it will send volume up and down to the TV and channel up and down to the cable box. It's kind of geeky to setup, but it's pretty simple to use

Comment Re:Someone correct me if I'm wrong.... (Score 2, Informative) 423

Not Universal (they had Hulk, but that went back to Marvel) but there is still Sony who owns Spider-Man rights and Fox who own X-Men rights (not sure about the other characters that were done before, such as Fantastic Four and Daredevil at Fox and Ghost Rider at Sony).

Anyway, I believe any current deals will stay, but then when they expire it's assumed that they won't Marvel/Disney won't renew them.

Comment Over the flag in SMB1 (Score 1) 261

I remember one time me and my friends played Super Mario Bros with a game genie, and we got super jumping ability. You could then jump over the flag at the end of the level, which, if I remember correctly, just had you running through a repeated background with nothing to do except wait for the time to run out.

Comment Online? (Score 1) 853

I know this is a little off topic, and I'm sure it's been said before, but I'll say it anyway. This category really needs to be renamed. What percentage of 'Your Rights Online' actually specifically apply to rights on the internet? It should be 'Your Rights in the World' or even just 'Politics' or something like that.

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