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Submission + - Amazon Unbox may be V, but certainly not OD!

iamchris writes: First a little back story...

I love my TiVo. Even though Pay-per-view has been a staple of cable and satellite systems for years, and Video On Demand has been available over cable for several years now, it's only recently that one could rent videos and play them on your TiVo. Since the Series 2 devices came out, one of TiVo's goals was to make video content available for download. It is surprising that it has taken such a long time. A few months ago, Series 2 TiVo owners who had attached their appliance to the Internet were treated to $15.00 in free Amazon Unbox download credit to celebrate the launch of this long awaited feature. So, I queued up a move to download thinking that, like other internet movie download sites, I'd be watching my movie in 15 minutes and it would finish downloading before I finished watching the end of the movie. Skip forward in time 48 hours... Still not done downloading. I'm a glutton for punishment, and I wouldn't put it past my internet provider to traffic shape anything that resembles a competitive VOD service, so I keep trying. Same story. I have a 6MBit downlink, so it shouldn't take 48+ hours to download a 2 Gig video file, right?

Now the question: What are your experiences downloading videos from Unbox? Is speed a problem that Amazon is having, or are your downloads finishing in a resonable number of hours instead of days?

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