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Comment Re:same here (Score 1) 431

Especially since it tends to happen at every job.

I obviously have not personally experienced each situation. But, for your own benefit, please consider that you are the only common factor between all these jobs. So chances are, you are either choosing rotten jobs, allowing unhealthy dynamics to be established once you are there, or misinterpreting what is happening.

(I am a female engineer).

I would buy that for one or two jobs out of five. If all five turned out badly, this is almost certainly not the main factor. Furthermore, it's one thing that you can do nothing to change, so it's best to focus efforts elsewhere.

I frequently have to 'Disagree but Commit' in the interest of getting things done

That's a perfectly expected and normal occurrence in a hierarchical organization and treating it as an outrage is guaranteed to spoil working relationship with a tech lead. Everyone has a job description, even if someone can hypothetically do that job better, or think they can.

Comment Fail fast (Score 1) 431

A dozen things have to go right for a job to contribute to rise of your career, only one has to go wrong for it to become a personal and professional disaster. Like in Poker, you have to quickly fold most hands till you are dealt a very good one.

That said, you may be misreading the situation. So long as you are not too worried about bring to find another job with decent pay, this person has much more to lose than you. Starting to forward any obviously unreasonable/contradictory communication to manager/tech lead could be a great way to make them back off.

Comment Metered data plans are anti-user (Score 1) 88

End user has no control or understanding of how apps use mobile data or precisely when they are on WiFi or LTE. Metered plans result in half of the users randomly hit up for extra $500, half paying for expensive plan they do not need and everyone hating their career and jumping to the first available alternative.

Cell service providers and video service providers just have to work together to manage network congestion so that user doesn't have to and provide "480p" and "HD" plans with predictable price. Looks like T-mobile is well underway in that direction.

Comment Greed (Score 1) 434

Regular 1080p move is $2.99 to rent, 3D or 4K versions are own-only for $34. If you are serious about building a movement, you have to make a wide catalog available for no extra cost for a couple of years. When everyone bought capable TVs and developed appreciation for enhanced content, you will be able to charge a modest premium. At this point you might as well kill SD and make HD version $2.49 and 3D $4.99.

Current marketing strategy puts the cart before the horse. Consumers do not even have capable TV sets and have not gotten used to wearing dorky glasses and you already want them to pay 10x for the same movie. I guess MPAA and RIAA never had any brains and will go out of business in a couple of years when everyone has switched to interactive VR gaming instead of movies that cost twice more to buy.

Comment This + 42 inch 4K TV + bluetooth keyboard/mouse (Score 1) 80

I am using this setup with current m3 compute stick and lubuntu and it makes a great desktop for productivity apps and 4K video for ridiculously low cost. Hit and miss with Steam though, and VMWare/Wine freeze trying to emulate DirectX for Windows only games. For some reason, Unity introduces more slowdown than pretty much anything else, hence LXDE.

If they improve GPU performance in next generation, this will be a great replacement for pretty much anything.

Comment Practical significance? (Score 1) 94

Overclocking 33mhz 386 to 40mhz was a solid bump in practical productivity. In what work or fun activities will CPU be a bottleneck in this case? Are GPU, RAM, flash and so on speced and overclocked to accommodate increased CPU speed?

I can imagine solving an NP-complete problem for which no parallel algorithms are known. For everything else, multi GPU setup or a box full of inexpensive compute sticks will probably provide better bang for the buck. Games and productivity apps are usually written to avoid serial NP-complete problems because then they will be pretty slow.

Comment Good! (Score 1) 240

CPU performance is the least critical part in a modern computing scenario. Intel and others should be worrying about GPU, physics engine, AI engine, RAM speed, flash speed, wireless data speed and above all power efficiency. If you have a classic supercomputing problem, try a desktop sized box of intel computing sticks and some big fans. Linear scalability of RAM and storage will give you superior performance to a single CPU even with mediocre performance of each unit.

Comment Re:Trump said "Democrats promise and do nothing" (Score 1) 504

Gone like still very much there? There are plenty of farm jobs in CA. A lot of Silicon Valley manufacturing is not well suited to automation as technology evolves very quickly and must be delivered to market in months or be obsolete. There is constant experimentation with new materials that make a factory with fixed machinery impractical.

Comment Trump said "Democrats promise and do nothing" (Score 3, Interesting) 504

And, as a Democrat, I ashamed to say he is not wrong. I am sure residents of Palo Alto would rather have some manufacturing jobs than our "great values". We need to fire demagogues and elect someone who will make people love California and trust us to govern on federal level.

Comment Internet of things, 3D printing, maker movement (Score 3, Interesting) 449

Cool is about pushing the boundary and enjoying experiences which are decades away from mass production. A desktop is not going to be super cool in 2016. Arduino controllers to operate hand wired power windows in your home might be.

You can get very open and hackable Linux / Chromebook+chrouton desktops and laptops, but you may be hard pressed to get them to do anything which is not already widely available.

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