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Comment Are you frigging kidding me? (Score 1) 205

The point of RPI is to attach a breadboard to GPIO ports, experiment with sensors/servos and then solder up a project for personal use, or even ship a Kickstarter project.

This board does not have any GPIO ports, much less a massive support community. x86 vs ARM is irrelevant for this kind of custom code. You are not going to be running Microsoft Word or playing steam games on an embedded board.

If anything, an improvement on RPI would be better power management without sacrificing ability to develop software directly on a prototype device. Solar powered systems running on Linux would kick ass.

Comment Bomb in a pocket (Score 1) 202

Rather than carrying a stick pf dynamite in my pocket, next to important organs that I would prefer to keep, I would rather have a little thicker phone that allows for bigger, less energy dense battery. And then optimize software to reduce power demands. An old fashioned alphanumeric pager used to last weeks on a pair of non-explosive AA batteries. When the phone is not in active use, it does not need any more functionality to display notifications and receive phone calls on a secondary e-ink screen. When I actually unlock it, feel free to spin up the CPU and 1080p screen and then download stuff over LTE.

Comment Good luck with that (Score 3, Insightful) 311

Headphones do not come with 0% career financing like cell phones. Someone who owns one expensive wired pair to use at home and other for exercise may well be tempted to check out Android offerings rather than putting up with the hassle of two dongles to listen and charge at the same time.

Comment Re:Run them for another ten years (Score 1) 166

Despite me advocating not migrating as OP, US military is not a model of financial efficiency and thrifty organizations can probably manage a lot less than $3500/year or in total. Painstakingly make everything look and work the same in a customized image, create simple in house software to provide any missing functionality, have early adoption enthusiasts that will be on help to provide peer support, and so on, Best done by gradually bringing in new systems when old ones need to be replaced anyway of course.

Comment Re:Run them for another ten years (Score 1) 166

Just locking down existing software can be conceivably done in 100K (say a month time for 3 engineers and support for 1% of users who had an unexpected problem). You already have ability to push group policies and remotely install software in bulk right?

If your company routinely accepts 5000% overspending, this will not be the only project when this happens and expenses add up. Doubly important for a police department or other entity running at taxpayer expense.


Comment Re:Run them for another ten years (Score 1) 166

I am not necessarily suggesting downgrading new hardware to Windows XP. Gradual replacement provides a perfect opportunity to slowly roll out Windows 10 and resolve any problems without breaking all users at once. Once you are down to couple of thousand old PCs, by all means do a mass upgrade / potential hardware replacement to standardize.

Comment Re:Run them for another ten years (Score 2) 166

Say Microsoft is charing you $75 to upgrade each seat. Now ad in labor, troubleshooting, user training / support. Very optimistically real cost to just get built in functionality running to the same level will bring the total to $200/seat or 5.2 million dollars. I have no idea how much of your hardware will need to be upgraded, again with associated labor costs. Add in fees for upgrading Office and 3rd party apps that do not run well Windows 10. And cost of fixed in-house apps.

I will be happy to assist with locking down your existing workstations for a small fraction of what you think the total cost is going to be.

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