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Submission + - Evite Schedules Maintenance on New Years Eve..Why?

iacovou writes: Evite (www.evite.com), a party invitation site, decides to schedule planned maintenance smack in the middle of New Years Eve. Talk about bad timing! Just when people may want to log in and find the address to that party they were invited to the site is offline.

The message claims they will be down for 30 minutes but it has been over an hour now:
"Sorry! Due to planned maintenance, certain pages may be unavailable. We should be back up within 30 minutes, so please check back shortly. Thanks for your patience!"

This is too funny. It will be great to hear what happened, did Operations drop the ball? Is the message a cover-up for IT's fumble? In any case, bad bad timing. Any other examples of sites going down just when they should be up? Obviously this is nothing compared to FEMA's issues during hurricane Katrina.

PS. smack in the middle of NYE is based on US time...I realize this

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