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Comment This will break a queued file uploader I made (Score 1) 154

I once made a file uploader that used a new window/tab as a upload queue so people can queue up files to be uploaded in sequence in order to get a better experience than uploading 10-20-100 files simultaneously. That window/tab is supposed to be left alone in the background to do its thing while you go on the main site to queue up more uploads.

I was moving a "file" element from the main site to the queue window and then just looped and told blueimp/jQuery-File-Upload to upload each file in turn.

With this queued upload mechanism were built into browsers so I don't have to do crazy stuff like the one described.

Comment Half price? Not for long (Score 1) 281

You think Intel is keeping the prices high because they can't cut them? Ha. They've arranged their line-up just so it looks like the i processors are good value for money. I imagine I'll see a bunch of Pentium processors withdrawn and i stuff prices sliced if AMD's CPU is that good and its price point is that low.

Incidentally, that same price strategy is used by Apple. Keep an oldie in the line-up (Intel: Pentium; Apple: iPad mini 2) and then everything from that baseline to the top is price locked inside the range. Hurray, pre-owned stuff keeps its value for longer.

Comment I would like to apply for the job (Score 3, Insightful) 47

Dear Sir,

My name is Mahindresh Jalabahamatra* from India. I would like to apply for the Universal Translator job that you are offering. I am very skilled in Universal Translation and have many years of experience. I have done Universal Translation for many clients in the past, and I consider your offered job as Universal Translator to fit my skills perfectly.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Comment Trump's vantage point (Score 2, Insightful) 659

I saw a picture of the crowd from Trump's podium. From there the empty patches were not easily evident. From his angle it looked like there were people covering every patch of concrete if you didn't look carefully enough. And since it looks that way from where he way (literally) standing, the media must be lying - simple logic I guess.

Comment How long until they get detected? (Score 2) 91

I once uploaded a self-captured 2 minute sequence from Doctor Who to Youtube. The video wasn't just unlisted, but it was private. The title was some random noise like "X". I had 2 or 3 views, because I uploaded it to show a friend the scene in the context of a chat we were having and then I totally forgot about it. Yet after a few months after uploading it I get an email from Youtube telling me that they found infringing content in my account.

Surely they can find unlisted porn too?

Comment Re:I don't understand (Score 2) 131

The thinner the device in the chunky case the thinner the whole assembly is too. Imagine attaching those protective cases to brick-like phones. Not the same, is it? In the past the brick was the phone. Now the brick is made up of all that padding you attach to it to keep it safe. If they can make some progress regarding the padding, to make it thinner yet as efficient, then you get some sweet pocket padding device.

Comment Reading your email could ruin your day (Score 1) 111

Why limit to just after waking up? "Reading just one negative email could lead you to report having a bad day hours later" says the article. But why would that be different in the morning compared to any time of the day? If the reaction is "those fucking incompetent bastards!" on a regular basis then it doesn't matter if it's in the morning or not. You still want to rent a chainsaw from the tool hire shop and go pay them a visit.

One bad email once in a while is OK. I find that once in a blue moon early morning disaster email wakes me up instantly, more than any stimulant ever could. I like to sleep in you see...

Comment Hmm.. Nexus 5X does something like this too (Score 1) 69

My Nexus 5X (latest Android update available) goes into bouts of unresponsiveness sometimes. It comes back in about 2-5 minutes without a reboot, but it just goes into a coma for no reason once in a while. Most of the time it's when I wake it up - i.e. when I actually need to use it. So far I didn't get this in a critical situation, but I expect that will happen at some point - say, when I need to use Android Pay to pay for something (oops, my phone froze, sorry).

Comment Just buy a credit agency's algorithms (Score 1) 209

As far as hiring and firing is concerned I'm sure they could just contract Experian to keep a Work Performance score and make decisions on a bunch of parameters that you feed into their existing credit scoring framework. Based on that score you decide who to hire, who to fire, who to promote, who to demote, and how much money to offer each individual.

Want a 5% increase? Hmm... it says here you've been spending a lot of time on Slashdot _and_ that affected your productivity (thing took a week instead of two hours, and it was the only thing you had to do), so no.

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