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Comment Re:Lets not (Score 1) 1078

While the connotation of an IED tends to bring up images of warfare in the Middle East as of late, the fact remains she did make an "improvised explosive device"? I think you'd be surprised just how crude some of them are. I was in no way hinting that she was in fact "trying to make a bomb", she's just a kid messing around.

Comment Re:Lets not (Score 1, Insightful) 1078

I think you need to take a step back and remember the guy who killed his brother did it with a presumably legal BB gun, you know, that shit that fires 6mm plastic bullets? This girl essentially made an IED. Colour has bugger all to do with any of this, don't understand why it's even brought up. That being said, I ran around playing war games as a teen and made plenty of those "bombs" and still turned out OK. :p

Comment Re:Autobahn (Score 1) 992

I enjoy the global phenomenon of people driving in the middle lane at all costs even when the motorway is empty. I think if the police were to focus on bad drivers more than it does on ones that speed (and punish as severely) driving would be a much more relaxing experience.

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