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AngelList Acquires Product Hunt ( 25

Product Hunt, an online community of tech product enthusiasts, is no longer going at it alone. The three-year-old San Francisco startup said Thursday it is being acquired by AngelList, a popular crowdfunding platform for startups and angel investors. From a report on Fortune: Though Product Hunt is still a very young startup, it's not hard to see why it made the move to sell to AngelList. Product Hunt debuted three years ago, almost to the day-- founder Ryan Hoover and a friend, Nathan Bashaw, put together the original version of the website during the Thanksgiving weekend. Hoover had initially experimented with sharing apps and other tech products with a small group of friends via email newsletters. The site quickly grew in reputation among Silicon Valley insiders and tech enthusiasts everywhere as a place to share and find new or interesting apps, gadgets, and tech tools. It even had a small job board, which was Product Hunt's first source of revenue. Product Hunt also said it will continue to operate independently.

Comment Re:Bad guys (Score 1) 44

Yes we acquired SourceForge just this year, and yes what you say about reputations is true. SourceForge's improvements this year weren't covered nearly as much as their previous missteps, but we'll continue to improve it regardless for the 1 million+ users we see per day. Ars Technica did a good write up though.

Amazon Makes Good On Its Promise To Delete 'Incentivized' Reviews ( 106

Amazon is making good on its promise to ban "incentivized" reviews from its website, according to a new analysis of over 32,000 products and around 65 million reviews. From a TechCrunch article: The ban was meant to address the growing problem of less trustworthy reviews that had been plaguing the retailer's site, leading to products with higher ratings than they would otherwise deserve. Incentivized reviews are those where the vendor offers free or discounted products to reviewers, in exchange for recipients writing their "honest opinion" of the item in an Amazon review. However, data has shown that these reviewers tend to write more positive reviews overall, with products earning an average of 4.74 stars out of five, compared with an average rating of 4.36 for non-incentivized reviews. Over time, these reviews proliferated on Amazon, and damaged consumers' trust in the review system as a whole. And that can impact consumers' purchase decisions.

Comment I have this problem and Apple LIED to me (Score 1) 29

I own an iPhone 6S (among other phones), and this exact issue happened to me (and my phone is within the serial numbers posted above). What's really fucking irritating is that it started only 8 months after I got the phone. I immediately contacted Apple online support who ran a "diagnostic" through iTunes and said everything was perfect, followed by several trips to the "genius bar" where they said everything is fine and unless it shuts off above 80% (it was shutting off at 40%) there's nothing they can do.

This has been going on all of this year, and I continually tell them there must be a hardware issue since it's significantly worse in cold weather, however the latest word they gave to me was "Apple is aware that there is a small software glitch that will be fixed shortly for this issue."

Then, suddenly today, they admit this is a hardware defect and my serial number is included. Are you fucking kidding me? I cannot believe the disrespect this company has for their clients, and I can't wait to never buy any of their products again. I'll stick to my Nexus 6P.

Comment Re:Gaming (Score 1) 191

Yea, I take issue that you seem to suggest that 99% of those requiring photoshop / illustrators are not professionals. In fact, I'd argue that the MAJORITY of those who require these tools ARE graphic artists. It's only the few hobby-ists with a DSLR that can get away using Gimp and Light studio or whatever.

The fact that you truly believe that "99%" of those requiring these tools don't need it is the very core of my issue: you're just making shit up in your mind to wrap reality to how you see it, to make Linux seem acceptable to the masses (99%). Anecdotally in your circle of Linux-friends I'm sure they can get away with Gimp; and I also bet not one of them is a professional graphic artist.

Comment Re:Gaming (Score 2) 191

Show me one professional graphic designer who actually makes quality work and can use Gimp and .. I don't even know what the illustrator alternative is on Linux. Inkscape? It's awful.

They use macOS and Windows for a reason. The real tools are Adobe's (at this time), and no professional takes Gimp seriously. The fact that you suggest it just re-iterates what the problem with Linux zealots are.


FCC Abides By GOP Request To Stop What It's Doing, Deletes Everything From Meeting Agenda ( 119

One day after republicans from the house and senate sent letters to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, urging him to avoid passing regulations before Donald Trump's inauguration as president, Wheeler appears to have complied with the request. The FCC today "announced the deletion of all items that were originally scheduled to be presented and voted on at tomorrow's meeting." Ars Technica reports: Before the change, the agenda included votes on price caps for "special access" business data services; Universal Service funding to expand mobile broadband networks; wireless roaming obligations; and requirements for audio description of TV programming for blind and visually impaired people. The only item not deleted from tomorrow's meeting is part of the "consent agenda," which means it is routine and wasn't going to be presented individually. Of the major items, the business data services proposal had received the most attention. These are dedicated wireline circuits provided by traditional phone companies like AT&T and Verizon; the services supply bandwidth for cellular data networks, indirectly affecting the price consumers pay for wireless service. The business data services are also used by banks and retailers to connect ATM machines and credit card readers, by government and corporate users to connect branch offices and data centers, and to support public safety operations and health care facilities. The now-deleted agenda item would have phased in price cap decreases of 11 percent over three years to account for "over a decade of efficiency gains" since the last price cap adjustment.

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