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Comment Re:A better pro tip (Score 1) 242

I think they knew with Jennifer Lawrence they couldn't get away with it, but with Hogan they miscalculated. Or they came to think they are invincible, or needed a financial boost.

Or, and I'm going out on a limb here, maybe Gawker staff and Denton felt particular hatred towards what Hulk Hogan represents: a primitive masculine character of the old world that they wanted to dismantle.

Comment Re:A better pro tip (Score 1) 242

They didn't know they couldn't *get away with it*. They surely knew what they did was morally wrong, and many pointed that out. Well guess what -- we live in a society whose moral and legal rules keep it from falling apart. Break them and be punished by the society, especially if you profited from that same society.

Comment Re:Same as regular locks? (Score 1) 87

The difference is dumb locks you have to access physically to break them open and while doing so you may look suspicious -- there is a time pressure that raises the barrier. With smart locks, you can take your time working the lock at a distance, and once it is unlocked you can casually access the protected item as if it were yours.

Comment Re:Don't spoil it [for us] - Devs (Score 1) 134

My two cents -- the amount of "creation" (art, originality, ideas coming from another human mind) in the game is the same whether there are 100 or 100 quintillion planets. Imagine an artist making a fine house music song and then have the computer generate 1000 different remixes of it. The sum of those 1000 is not much more than the single original song.

The second part, exploration and gameplay, changes the state of the game, but the new states are apparently not significantly different. It's like changing the filter slightly for one of the effects in one of the 1000 remixes.

Those are my preconceptions about NMS, but it would be great if the game turns out to be much more than that.

Comment Re:String theory is just that: a theory (Score 1) 161

It sounds like dark matter is thought to be made of particles of some sort. Could it instead be a force field of uneven density in space that interacts with the gravitational field in some way? Though the question then would be what causes the field I guess. But maybe that's an easier task.

Comment Re:I want to like Donald. (Score 1) 268

Not much. Obama has good speaking skills but that's not something that can be emulated easily nor does it seem to go particularly far. As for Bush, I bought his autobiography thinking there may be some nugget of insight here and there but after about a fifth of the book I found none and gave up. The stories were empty and entirely predictable from his profile. The amount of trust I have in either is not very high, I see them roughly as barely competent to run a country that is generally doing well and has a lot of room for error.

Comment Re:I want to like Donald. (Score 2) 268

> Just out of curiosity, why?

From my perspective -- he is childish, energetic and entertaining. Even his enemies often profit from crossing paths with him. Downside is he can say things that incite some of his supporters to say or do ugly things. Another is he's not much of a leader you can trust. The main upside is you can learn something from him -- how to convince people to accept your point of view using emotions. By contrast, I feel I have nothing valuable to learn from Hillary, and she's not a leader I can trust. Hillary brings nothing to the table.

Comment would have voted for Trump had it been Gingrich (Score 1) 413

For all his faults, Newt accepts climate change and calls for "green conservativism", has good attitudes on minorities and women's rights (defended those and a potential woman president in an Ali G interview), and supports a base on the moon and a flight to Mars. What more can one ask for.

Comment Re:And she gets away with it... (Score 1) 1010

I actually don't see it that way and I'm as much against Hillary as anyone (I'll vote for Trump or maybe for a 3d party candidate since I'm in CA that goes to a Democrat anyway). I think he means while she may have been negligent enough to be fired from the job -- or not hired for a new one -- she didn't conspire to break the law. She was arrogant and incompetent but not criminal. The story of her life.

I am actually glad she didn't get indicted as I want to see her lose in the voting contest, so the people send a clear message they don't like her kind, even in the face of alternatives as they are.

Comment Re:British equivalant of 1776 US revolution (Score 1) 693

That's a good example. In general having more rules than necessary to protect the weak (poor, children, the sick, animals etc.) only makes the system less stable.

But to turn things around -- if you were asked to defend the UK's EU membership, are there things you would list as positive? Just curious, don't know most of the details. Thanks

Comment For $9bln, I wonder if Oracle did simulated trials (Score 1) 243, hiring a mock jury of people from the street to sit and listen, with a good defense lawyer to mock-represent the Google side.

Then repeating over and over until juries are more often than not swayed in Oracle's favor, then with such sharpened arguments going for the real thing.

Kind of like how NASA went to the moon, except without any nobility in the endeavor.

Comment Re:Sense of humour (Score 1) 83

I have no need for Pornhub's content myself

I love Pornhub-folks' sense of humour: they often have hilarious and creative ad-campaigns

This reminds me of a newspaper article complaining about erotic movies on a public TV channel's unlisted programming every night at 2AM back in the far more modest mid-80s in a country in the Eastern block. The author went on to say how pornography is bad and damaging for the morals etc. and then he said that at least one positive thing about the channel is they never show hard stuff like multiple men with one woman. The obvious question was, wait a minute, how do you know what they *never* show unless you're up every night at 2AM watching their porn?

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