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Comment What the hell, Steve? (Score 4, Interesting) 917

You justify your phone having issues by basically saying that other phones are poorly designed too? That's not thinking different. That's thinking like a politician. What a great solution too. Here is our brand new super thin phone that has reception problems. Here a thick case to wrap around the phone to fix that. Gee, thanks Steve.

Comment Re:Pledge? (Score 2, Insightful) 283

Many of us would love to vote them all out and start over. Sadly, those who would get voted in would be of the same breed as it takes a lot of money. That money tends to come from the lobbyists. Vote for a Teabagger, get an extreme right wing asshole who no doubt cater to the corporate lobby. Vote for a Green Party member, get an extreme left wing asshole who will no doubt cater to the corporate lobby. What we need is a corporation to lobby for the people. I wish there were money to be made in that.

Why Overheard Cell Phone Chats Are Annoying 344

__roo writes "American researchers think they have found the answer to the question of why overhearing cell phone chats are annoying. According to scientists at Cornell University, when only half of the conversation is overheard, it drains more attention and concentration than when overhearing two people talking. According to one researcher, 'We have less control to move away our attention from half a conversation (or halfalogue) than when listening to a dialogue. Since halfalogues really are more distracting and you can't tune them out, this could explain why people are irritated.' Their study will be published in the journal Psychological Science."

Comment Re:Bad, bad news (Score 1) 1070

What is amazing to me is that this is not the biggest news in this country right now. I cannot believe nobody has even brought this up in conversation. It is as if there are other, more important things going on right now. Nobody seems to be paying attention. I'm hearing all about Haiti and the new Massachusetts Senator, but nothing on this ruling. This changes our country for ever if we don't bother doing anything about it. We're lost.

Comment Re:Bad, bad news (Score 1) 1070

What this will lead to is Joe Republican receiving a billion dollars from Exxon the likes to open up all offshore / back yard oil drilling and Bobby Democrat receiving a billion dollars from UAW and the likes to unionize everything even down to the family in your own home. There will be no incentive what-so-ever to listen to the guy who donates his $20 in hopes his voice is heard. Now you must have Billions. The next election will cost a hundred billion dollars. Save your money because they don't need it. Basically they just legalized all the under the table dealings corporations and politicians have been doing for years. They have no reason to hide it now. Want some sort of regulation on the banking corporations? Not likely now. Mega banks will pump a quarter years of profits into getting a handful of senators elected to help pass a bill that busts the industry wide open. Your opinion won't matter nearly as much as the shareholders. It's been this way for a while, but now there is nothing standing in any mega corporations way. What worries me is will this lead to the Great Corporation war of this new decade. I've had an uneasy feeling in my gut for a while, and I quit eating White Castle years ago. This roll back only confirms my negative feelings. Imagine how much FUD can be bought for billions of dollars.
Classic Games (Games)

M.U.L.E. Is Back 110

jmp_nyc writes "The developers at Turborilla have remade the 1983 classic game M.U.L.E. The game is free, and has slightly updated graphics, but more or less the same gameplay as the original version. As with the original game, up to four players can play against each other (or fewer than four with AI players taking the other spots). Unlike the original version, the four players can play against each other online. For those of you not familiar with M.U.L.E., it was one of the earliest economic simulation games, revolving around the colonization of the fictitious planet Irata (Atari spelled backwards). I have fond memories of spending what seemed like days at a time playing the game, as it's quite addictive, with the gameplay seeming simpler than it turns out to be. I'm sure I'm not the only Slashdotter who had a nasty M.U.L.E. addiction back in the day and would like a dose of nostalgia every now and then."

Mars Images Reveal Evidence of Ancient Lakes 128

Matt_dk writes "Spectacular satellite images suggest that Mars was warm enough to sustain lakes three billion years ago, a period that was previously thought to be too cold and arid to sustain water on the surface, according to research published today in the journal Geology. Earlier research had suggested that Mars had a warm and wet early history but that between 4 billion and 3.8 billion years ago, before the Hesperian Epoch, the planet lost most of its atmosphere and became cold and dry. In the new study, the researchers analysed detailed images from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which is currently circling the red planet, and concluded that there were later episodes where Mars experienced warm and wet periods."

Comment Re:Her Constituent Status Is Only Part of It (Score 1) 549

When Edward Bernays (nephew of Sigmund Freud) came to Washington to assist in the public relations of then President Calvin Coolidge, the spin machine officially began. Bernays is the father of modern public relations and the foundation of politics as we know it today. The Nixon administration only elevated the spin game to a new level for political gains, although with every year, we see a more intense push of FUD for the ongoing struggle to wield power.

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