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Submission + - Whats the best way to herd cats or sourcecode?

iCodemonkey writes: ok here is my rant, complaint, (insert description here).
I have collected a lot of random bits of source code In the last 15 years. but now I'm thinking there must be a better way then one huge and unruly folder structure.
Have seen some good snippet management programs (codedepot, Code Warehouse, codekeeper and pysnippet) and some bad ones (too numerous too mention).
But I now looking for something I can:
a) put on a thumb / portable HDD
b) is cross platform
c) has syntax highlighting
d) is easy to keep updated (most important)

so there is my problem. what say the codemonkeys out there in /. land?
What apps / methods do you use to keep all of your bits of code manageable?

(for further info on the apps I mentioned please google them but be aware that some may not exist any-longer)

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