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Comment Re:Find a new site (Score 0, Offtopic) 660

Interestingly enough throwing money at depression is exactly what makes it go away. It's what got us through 'The Great Depression' and it's what's getting us through this recession. That's not even a partisan opinion, it's documented fact. This doesn't mean I agree with all the bailouts, or that they were necessary, but if you were paying attention, bailouts were started by GWB and plans to continue to give money away were put in place months before Obama was in office. He only finished the job. I'd like to know what 'party' you align yourself with that thinks that governmental injection of cash into the economy is not effective and hear some of their alternative ideas on the matter. Because frankly theories as to how to make the economy bounce back are all well and good, but going with what has worked is the most sensible option. As for this site who bans folks for merely suggesting Ad Block -- may I introduce Site Block! The amazing new internet tool which allows you to block websites with the click of a button! Where ass-hattery abounds, Site Block will be there to ensure you're safe.

Comment Re:Reading some comments (Score 1) 625

I can't remember my password, and honestly I'm too peeved to bother retreiving it at the moment.

Yes, our Freedom of Speech can be used against us in a court, or abused by corporations or media outlets, however that does not make it a bad thing. It simply makes it an easy thing to exploit and abuse.

As far as it being inappropriate to use the Nazi symbol in media; well maybe it is in bad form, and maybe it makes some people uncomfortable, but it's a bit of history. One which affected the world, not just Europe. The Nazi laws in Europe are significant, but they're also oppressive and insane. To say a country is so scarred by a piece of history that it has to ban a symbol in order to protect people from being sad, uncomfortable, or in Germany's case for feeling remourseful is downright ridiculous. Grown ups, as you say, should be able to handle whatever flow of emotion comes from viewing these symbols, and should also be able to say for themselves "I'm not comfortable with this, I'm not going to purchase this game". It shouldn't require action from any government to say "no we can't have that, it might upset people who were/are affected by that bit of history".

Stop pretending that Europe is so much more enlightened than the US. Stop pretending that being a country that was invaded in some way makes you (who are very likely not even old enough to have been a twinkle in someone's eye when Nazy Germany invaded Europe) an expert on how that feels, or what it's like. Fair money says you weren't there, you weren't a part of it, and you can't REALLY sympathize with it anymore than someone from a different country can.

FYI This was me.


Submission + - Sprint to offer Loopt friend-tracking service (

i8myh8 writes: "Sprint Nextel said Tuesday it will use Loopt's "friend finding" technology to let subscribers track their friends.

Loopt, which also offers its location-based service on Boost Mobile, a subsidiary of Sprint, uses Global Positioning System chips in phones to allow subscribers to see where their friends are located.

To address privacy concerns, Loopt subscribers must give other Loopt users permission to track them. Subscribers also can hide from anyone in their "buddy" list at any time.

Loopt has been available on Boost Mobile since last year. And earlier this year the company said it had signed up 100,000 users. Sam Altman, the company's CEO, wouldn't give any updated information about subscribers. The deal with Sprint is the first in which a major carrier has announced it will use the service. Altman said Loopt will offer the service on other carrier networks later this year.

Location-based services are becoming popular. Most major mobile operators already offer a GPS-enabled navigation service that allows people to get real-time driving directions. Sprint uses a mobile-navigation application from TeleNav. The company bundled the TeleNav service for free with data packages that cost more than $20 per month.

Helio, a mobile virtual network operator, also offers a tracking service that is similar to the one offered by Loopt. Other providers, such as Disney Mobile and Verizon Wireless, offer tracking services for parents who want to keep tabs on their kids. Sprint also offers a kid-tracking service.

Location services also can be used to enhance other applications, like search and weather updates. And mobile operators see great revenue potential for leveraging the technology, which originally was put into phones to comply with a Federal Communications Commission requirement to provide enhanced 911 services that automatically provide the location of people who have called 911.

I don't know about anyone else, but my friends are idiots and would most likely use this device to locate me at the absolute worst moment. I don't keep anything with GPS built in enabled, even my cell phone. If I'm not able to be found, chances are I want it that way."

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