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Submission + - SPAM: High Quality Essential Oils

An anonymous reader writes: A large quantity of raw material is required to extract pure, natural essential oil. Since natural plant extracts are difficult to obtain such large quantities, most oil products available in the market contain a mix of chemical ingredients, or they are diluted with lower quality, commercial-grade oils. Some essential oils are tainted with foreign substances in order to save on production costs. For that essential oils to be of true therapeutic value, they need to be pure, natural and of the highest quality.

Purity is not the factor determining the quality of an essential oil. The quality of plants used and it's growing conditions also affect the quality of oil extracted. Therefore, it is essential to buy oils from reputed growers and distillers. It is important that companies selling essential oils must analyze their complete line of essential oils to make sure that each sample measures up to stringent quality standards. The common tests used by quality verification are sensory evaluation, color and clarity analysis and laboratory analysis using both gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (GC/MS).

The GC/MS is the most important tool for identifying and analyzing volatile oils. It will help to make sure that the oils meet high-quality standards and therefore are a hundred percent pure. Tests to investigate the components of oils should also be conducted.

A simple way to know the quality of an essential oil product is always to check whether it has AOC certification, which stands for Appelation d'Origine Controlee certification. AOC certification is challenging and it is given only to oil extracted from plants grown in a quality-controlled environment in the high-altitude fields of France. However, there are many products without it certification that are also genuine and of a desirable quality.

Many customers buy synthetic essential oils believing them to be pure. These synthetic oils don't have any therapeutic use. In fact, some of them might be toxic. Most synthetic oils contain petroleum-based solvents which are harmful to our health and the environment.

An easy home remedy to distinguish between pure and synthetic essential oil is to put several sample drops of the oil on a blotting paper. Pure essential oils won't leave any residue once they've evaporated, whereas petroleum solvents will. It is advisable to buy good quality, pure essential oils even if they are costlier, because buying cheap imitations will defeat the entire reason for using essential oils

Submission + - Apple gets injunction against egg cup in Germany (google.com)

Comment Re:This will fail - because Apple only does UI (Score 1) 276

Actually there is one thing left, but it's also the kind of hard job that Apple doesn't handle well. Right now we pick phones based on how easy it is to enter data without a keyboard. That's pretty ludicrous when you think about it. If we could input data to a phone by speaking into it how amazing would that be? Yeah, I know, voice rec is hard, but when it comes along it's going to be the only kind of smartphone worth owning. And Apple isn't even working on it.

My old G1 did voice recognition really bad. My G2 does voice recognition much better (speaking German names in their English version is pretty funny). So as it looks, Google is trying hard to get voice recognition into Gx phones. Now Google has some brilliant voice recognition folks working for them, who really LOVE spoken words. (hi R., best wishes from Munich ;) Therefore, when the time comes that the spoken word is handling your phone, it might be a Google phone.

Comment Re: (Score 1) 380

I can prove that she exists.

Once I sent her something after emailing her for her address.

After that she sent me a very kind email, a IBM robot never would send ;)


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