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Submission + - Best offline storage method for large archives

An anonymous reader writes: I have a collection of large projects (Indesign files with associated images), typically 40GB to 60GB each. In this current climate, what is the 'best' method of archiving these? Spinny magnets? Solid state drives? USB? Tape? Blu-ray? All have pros and cons and price considerations. If I remove the price issue (my data is important to me), does this change the choice?

Submission + - ESA Summer of Code in Space ( 1

morrison writes: "Following the previous announcement [1], the European Space Agency's Summer of Code in Space (SOCIS) pilot program has announced their mentoring organizations [2] and is now open for submissions from students enrolled at EU institutions (alas, ESA requirement for the pilot) through July 27th. SOCIS is modeled after the highly successful Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program but targets "space-related" open source software. The selected mentoring organizations range from notable GSoC veterans like BRL-CAD [3] and ffmpeg [4] to relatively unknown space software like ORSA [5] and Open Mission Control [6].



SIP Attacks From Amazon EC2 Going Unaddressed 104

mjgraves writes "Over the past week a number of IP-PBX systems have been suffering SIP attacks from hosts in the Amazon EC2 cloud. At least a dozen known attacks have been reported to Amazon, which has been surprisingly quiet about the matter. The issue has been well documented by one of the attack victims on his blog. The matter was also discussed on the April 16th issue of the VoIP Users Conference (podcast available at the link; EC2 segment begins around 3:30). Amazon appears to have gone silent on the matter even as the attacks are ongoing. This is completely irresponsible behavior from a such a hosting company, which should be acting to take down the attacker in their midst."
Data Storage

Submission + - A Look Under Western Digital's Hood (

ScuttleMonkey writes: "Tom's Hardware got a rare opportunity to explore the Western Digital campus and show us what goes on under the hood of one of the favorites in storage tech. "When you buy a car, you look under the hood. Given the critical importance of hard disk storage in all of our lives, we thought you might want a peek under that hood, too. Now that Western Digital is in the business of breaking new capacity records (the latest Caviar Green was the first drive to hit 2TB, for example), we jumped at the chance to take a first-ever, unrestricted tour of its California R&D facilities. This is the place where magnetic technology of the 1950s meets the nano- and quantum-level technologies of the current decade.""

Submission + - Spanish ISP to charge Google for access to its net ( 3

Griller_GT writes: For your consideration:

This has been around various news sites.... At first I thought it was an idiotic point of view from a misguided ISP (check URL here : and dismissed it... but today goverment officials declare "its a viable option (Spanish URL : sorry about that).

In what parallel universe can this be allowed to happen??


Submission + - SPAM: Hubble telescope captures image of mysterious x-sh

worrg writes: Is that a smashed comet or an X-Wing fighter? Scientists are offering up their own theories as to what created the striking star-inspired image, which was captured by NASA's Hubble telescope in January.
The object — dubbed “P/2010 A2” after it was discovered in early January by the Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research program sky survey — has traits similar to a comet, but the x-shape appears disconnected from the tail. Sci-fi lovers may instead go for a more fantastical theory, believing it to be the "Last Starfighter" or, perhaps, a Kilrathi dreadnought from the Wing Commander video game.

Link to Original Source

Submission + - Stunning: Shuttle Endeavour Plus An Orbital Sunset

An anonymous reader writes: On 9 February 2010 as the International Space Station was high above the south Pacific Ocean (latitude: -46.9, longitude: -80.5) off the southern coast of Chile, an Expedition 22 astronaut snapped very unique, very beautiful photos of NASA's Space Shuttle Endeavour (STS-130) silhouetted against planet Earth's colorful horizon-sunset: Photo-A (very high-resolution) and Photo-B (very high-res). Lucky for us an external video camera attached to the International Space Station recorded this spectacular view, an event that happened two hours before Space Shuttle Endeavour docked with the International Space Station.

What about those colors in the Earth's horizon? NASA says the "orange layer is the troposphere, where all of the weather and clouds which we typically watch and experience are generated and contained. This orange layer gives way to the whitish stratosphere and then into the mesosphere. In some frames the black color is part of a window frame rather than the blackness of space."

All the above via photos 35 and 36 at

Submission + - World's First USB 3.0 Thumbdrives on Sale! (

An anonymous reader writes: As all the cool new gadgets come from Japan, so has the world's first USB 3.0 Thumbdrives! You just have to go to Japan's electronic/geek heaven Akihabara to get it! (Or you could buy it online if you read Japanese and live here..) They come in 3 models, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. The 64GB one goes for about $420 and the 128GB for around $740USD. These interesting devices come from the "SuperTalent" company and are SSD with RAID0 claiming to be 8 times faster than anything previously with 320MB/s read and 180MB/s write! It is supported for Windows 7, Vista and XP. And of course your machine will have to support USB 3.0 as well...which it probably doesn't.... (Source)

Submission + - What department should handle mobile phones? 2

An anonymous reader writes: I am in a mid sized company (200 employees) and our IT department does not currently handle cell phones. Traditional land line phones having been quickly moving into the IT realm with technologies like VOIP but cell phones don't seem as obvious to management. I am having trouble convincing my company that as cell phones are becoming more like computers and less like phones and thus they should be managed by IT. Not only can they pose a risk to our networks but I am worried that if I don't get control of them soon, decisions and contracts will be made that will lock us into a technology dead end or be costly down the road to remedy. To me it seems obvious that mobile phones need to be managed by IT but the longer we wait the bigger the mess will be that I will have to clean up when they eventually do get put in the IT department.

What do you think and what department handles mobile/cell/wireless phones in your company?

Submission + - OnLive One Step Closer (

hysma writes: It looks like OnLive, the remote gaming system that steams HD video over the Internet, is one step closer to becoming reality, according to an article on DSL Reports in response to a presentation by Founder & CEO Steve Perlman at Columbia University.

Submission + - The Coolest Data Center Video Tours (

1sockchuck writes: Ever want to see inside the world's most powerful data centers? Data Center Knowledge has compiled a list of some of the best video tours of data centers, featuring walk-throughs of facilities from Google, Terremark, IBM and several sites highlighted at Slashdot, including the Vegas SuperNAP and the "James Bond Villain" underground data lair in Sweden.
Open Source

Linux Kernel 2.6.32 Released 195

diegocg writes "Linus Torvalds has officially released the version 2.6.32 of the Linux kernel. New features include virtualization memory de-duplication, a rewrite of the writeback code faster and more scalable, many important Btrfs improvements and speedups, ATI R600/R700 3D and KMS support and other graphic improvements, a CFQ low latency mode, tracing improvements including a 'perf timechart' tool that tries to be a better bootchart, soft limits in the memory controller, support for the S+Core architecture, support for Intel Moorestown and its new firmware interface, run-time power management support, and many other improvements and new drivers. See the full changelog for more details."

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