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Comment Re:Democratic? (Score 1) 278

And when the American economic empire finally falls (and we're on the way down, now)

Follow the Chinese lead:

What Tiananmen square thing? - is the equivalent of what money? DROP DATABASE BORROWED_MONEY.

Since no one dare attack the USA (remember MAD), and will never lend again, we will finally have a balanced budget.

Comment AMA and ABA Love Socialized Medicine and Banking (Score 1) 572

The prevailing definition of socialized medicine created by the American Medical Association is the same as the socialized banking model created by the American Bankers Association. The AMA can game Medicare and Medicaid, the ABA can run to the government whenever they screw up the financial system. Both love their carefully nurtured form of socialism and therefore rail against replacing it with an accountable system.
The Military

Submission + - Pesky Hard Drives and Sordid Information

hypnolizard writes: Recently stolen hard drives containing the sordid details of RAF officer's private lives have created a stir because 'the enemy' might blackmail to get secrets. Apart from the dimwitted use of unencrypted hard drives, I have been wondering what choices the RAF has to deal with anticipated 'requests for information' other than voluntary suicide missions or a transfer to MI6.

Comment One Laptop Per Child (Score 1) 229

You lazy bugger - RTFM!

Use the OLPC and give it to a kid when you are done.

1. Military strength.
2. No battery recalls to date.
3. Recharge from car battery.
4. Built-in wireless with 801.11s (mesh)
5. Video camera.
6. USB ports
7. 1GB flash memory (expandable) instead of hard drive.
8. Open Source BIOS.
9. Linux.

Comment IBM exploits bug in Theory of Relativity (Score 1) 161

From the patent application:

"The observation is that if an hour were shorter, by a small amount, we would be more focused, and accomplish the same amount of work, but in less real time, thereby increasing productivity."

According to

if your ship goes at 98% of the speed of light and you take a one year journey, when you return to Earth five years have gone by

An 'hour' can only be shortened if you move everyone but IBM employees closer to the speed of light. 1 Earth hour for an IBM employee will be 12 Earth minutes for everyone else travelling at 98% light speed.

At the end of the Earth day, when the Earth clock shows 5pm, everyone else will go home jet lagged, having worked only 1 hour and 36 minutes - *reducing* their productivity by a factor of 5. However, everyone else will also live 5 times longer than an IBM employee, which is why IBM replaces retired workers using the H1B and L1 programs.

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