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Comment But AOL gives free IMAP... (Score 1) 1049

I use AOL for all my e-commerence and potential OMG I might get spammed communication. Nothing really WRONG with them. It's leave my gmail basically spamless. I tossed yahoo and hotmail long ago due to crappy archaic policies that limit your access to web only unless you pay them. *Yes Microsoft has pop3 access OHHHHH WOW POP3 in a world of imap... it would be like me bragging I just got a dial-up in a neighborhood full of DOCIS 3.0*

Though I understand the reasoning. It's like "Dress like your ready to come to work and be promoted" and I do respect that. Though to delete it without even checking the resume inside? It would be like not even talking to the guy who showed up dressed nice but not suit and tying it. Let's be honest AOL has some stigmata but it's not like showing up to an interview in Flip Flops and a No Fat Chicks t-shirt ;P

Maybe if your a person, looking to see if the place your applying for is a bunch of jerks, then go ahead and use that AOL address. They delete your email without reading it maybe you didn't want to work there. The filtering can work both ways.

Then again if your REALLY worried about this while job seeking. My advice is get an account on a domain you think would get you looked at. This doesn't cost THAT much *if anything at all* and then you can know you didn't get a call back because 7 years as Fry Chef at Burger Ranch doesn't qualify you to run a MySQL Database.

P.S. I know I could do stuff like, run a server on my own pop addy. I could use my ISP email. I know I could do a million other things but let's face it these big companies are not likely going anywhere and its an easy thing to do.

Comment The Iphone is not the Mona Lisa of Tech! (Score 0) 347

2 Things bothered me

1) It forgets to mention the 1 major thing that gave the Iphone such a major push forward. Marketing! *well image too but takes part of Marketing* It talks briefly how Verizon isn't very Market Savvy *serious... Can you hear me now? No matter how annoying... got you thinking Verizon* which seems like totally BS and made my brain shut off for the rest of the article.

2) This article also overlooks what the Droid and Android 2.0 do, that other smart phones don't do. It skipped over how it innovates and simply compares features that exist. What about Google Navigation? Voice recognition? What about what the Iphone lacks like... a KEYBOARD. The only thing they didn't compare was App stores *seriously if someone says over 100,000 apps again I will strangle you with strangulation.ipa*

Overall the article stank of... HEY Android is gonna fail cause it's not a Iphone *make out with 32 GB 3GS*. It was laced with jabs at how Symbian is Old and Rim is no good on the web. It felt like secret Apple love...

I really hope the Droid is a massive success just so in 2 years we can have a Slashdot article listing everyone who was terribly wrong, this can be number 1.

Comment Anyone know how to upgrade? (Score 1) 206

The google help page states:

What do I do if I am already a GrandCentral user?
To upgrade to Google Voice, sign in to your GrandCentral account and follow the instructions at the top of your inbox.

I have nothing in my Grandcentral inbox though. I wonder if it's just delayed and I am impatient, or are they picking and choosing? I will check back later today. The SMS feature is a MUST HAVE for me.

Comment One mans opinion... A tad to expensive, but nice. (Score 4, Insightful) 42

If this had been just 100 less at 499 I could see it flying off the shelves. This is the market segments that people hunger form. Low power, easy to use, cheap computers!

I really wish they had gone Linux though instead of XP. Also wish they would have gone ION / Dual Core Atom instead of the dated 945 and Single Core Atom platform.

Just like early netbooks though, while not a full winner this is a big step in the correct direction. I look forward to the next generation.

P.S. *Sorry I posted Anon before, somehow I was not logged in ;\*

Comment Google needs to... (Score 1) 195

Google needs to get some of their more POTENTIALLY profit making projects out of Beta or Pre-Beta stage. Like Grand Central. Infinitely useful but it has no adds, no pay anything, and has been in closed Beta since they bought it. I love the service, so why is google not turning it PLUS a number of other project that generate 0 revenue... into profit streams.

Please note I am not saying turn it into a RAPE profit center, but like the way Googles Search or Gmail works... it could Generate SOMETHING to support itself rather then sending it to the glue factory ;)

Comment Re:Money for better public transport where possibl (Score 1) 740

I too am an expat living in Europe / Holland...

Just look at the Dutch Transit System. I live in a Suburb of Utrecht. I can Catch a Bus thats 3 mins from my house, a Tram thats 7 mins, 2 other buses within 15-20 mins and get to Utrecht Central within 20-25 mins, where I can take a train anywhere or mass transit on the other side. In the Spring I will just take the 30 min bike ride into Utrecht directly from my house for FREE.

A car can do it.. in 20 mins... when there is NO traffic. Even with normal traffic takes more then 30 mins. Plus then you have parking, petrol, and headaches... The US could put money into light rail, efficient buses, and Rail infrastructure to connect those satellite communities. Probably be cheaper then buying everyone a new car.

It's not PERFECT but the system here works. The problem is Americans refuse to believe it's possible. They like the FREEDOM a car provides. The American government is willing to pander to that, because the voting populous are children. They want THEIR WAY and they want it NOW! Give us cars, big screen TV's, 4000 sq ft. homes, and 3 squares a day out to eat. In Europe the attitude is; Keep me with a roof, food, and healthy. Let me have a shot at a job, but when I can't work help me out a bit. When I work, I will worry with my CASH ON HAND *not credit* about TV's and such... after I pay my slightly higher taxes. Americans scream SOCIALISM... EVIL... but really in the US they are already socialist... Instead of living welfare though they have Comfort Welfare.

This whole Economic recovery is ILL conceived as it's just handouts... not even to people who REALLY need it. Stop buying your damn children toys America... buy them some shoes instead!

Damn sorry this has turned into a rant ;\

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