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Comment Re:smaller, thinner (Score 1) 261

You forgot about the acid in the atmosphere or the corrosive ground. You couldn't live on the surface. Even probes can't stand the surface for any length of time.
You'd have to live in some bioshock infinite balloon habitation. That poses a whole other set of problems that honestly is more extreme than living on mars or the moon.
On mars you can at least build habitation 20 feet below the surface and be protected from cosmic radiation. Ditto with the moon. Hell there might be lava tubes on the moon which is the perfect place to set up some permanent residence. There's water on both, explain how any of that works on venus living in some floating bubble?

Comment Re:...actually that's kinda cool. (Score 1) 89

Now... if the charger also somehow wirelessly allowed your phone to interface to the screen... you'd have something, but we won't see bluetooth-like connectivity to displays for a probably five or six years down the road, at least.

Ohh you mean like this,3622.htmlgaming keyboard does since 2013?

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