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Comment Re:ps auxw (Score 1) 382

and the really long way:
  ps -ef | grep firefox | grep -v grep| wc -l

I use this in a few scripts when checking for a count of specific processes, simply because regardless of *nix version,you can almost guarantee ps, grep, and wc exist but depending on what version, you may not have some of the "extra" features of any of them available. yes, i have run into this and had to re-write it this way to work around it.

Comment Re:If they don't want to be recorded they are hidi (Score 1) 1123

The question is, does this mean YOU have to give consent to be recorded by the police? It seems to me that if that's the case (which it should be) and the only evidence of you committing a crime is the tape, it should be thrown out for the same reason... Now you get away and get to sue the police department for violation of wiretapping laws

Comment Re:Fragmentation is mostly FUD (Score 1) 211

Correct, but I've been a customer of Sprint's for 4 years, got my HTC Hero in October and got the 2.1 update at least a week and half ago. Considering the official announcement was "by the end of 1H 2010", I'd say I got it early. So far, I'm pretty happy with it, I think I would rather they do a little more on the performance than worry about re-working the gui to work with new API's but, all in all, it's usable, stable, and feels a little faster than 1.6 was.

Comment Re:It's now a computuational knowledge engine! (Score 2, Interesting) 145

I was thinking more along the lines of True Knowledge, this project has been in private beta for about 2 years and just in the last 6 months was opened up for public beta testing. What it has so far is limited, but it is growing steadily.

Disclaimer: I do not work for True Knowledge, Google, or Wolfram Alpha, I have just been helping out with beta testing true knowledge since it was a private beta system...

Submission + - JBoss' jira instance hacked (

hydroponx writes: From the incident announcement: The community infrastructure was recently the target of a cyber attack.The incident was related only to infrastructure and does not affect JBoss Enterprise software product offerings.
The focus of this attack was, a machine which runs a free Atlassian JIRA instance used for tracking of issues with various related projects. The attack was consistent with other recent high profile attacks

Comment Re:Wow. (Score 1) 284

It's still called ROM because the new chips are EEPROM (Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory) Basically, there is a pin that either get's grounded or hot (voltage applied) that allows the writing of the chip, if this doesn't happen it's not writable. If I remember correctly, I haven't been in electronics school for over 10 years now....

Comment Re:The *best* feature: (Score 1) 284

When did they do that ? Tethering worked the last time I tried it but they don't provide an application for it, I use tetherbot when I need to. It's free and works fine for browsing http, but it wouldn't work to well for vpn or other services unless you can configure a proxy for it.

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