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The Military

US Army Develops Tooth Cleaning Gum 160

pryoplasm writes "To help deal with some of the hygiene issues on the battlefield, the US Army worked on a gum to take the place of brushing your teeth. This might be eventually released and marketed to the public. While there are many gums out there that aren't so detrimental to your teeth, this one promises actually to help them out."

Comment Proud to be an Old Cool Nerd (Score 1) 453

Many moons ago I was a kid who saw his first computer in college -- an IBM 360. I went full tilt nerd. By the time classes started I was working the hell desk at the computer center. I got there early and didn't leave till 3am. By the second year of undergrad study I was taking graduate classes in 360 assembly language and working on the Fortran compiler I/O routines for what we called mini computers (the size of a stand up fridge with "4096 twenty four bit words of core storage"). Shit we were using paper tape and punch cards.

I screwed off all my other classes. Hell, even my comp sci prof's were nuts, I got a 0.0 gpa in one class because the prof went nuts, tried to kill the head of the datacenter, and was locked in a white room unable to give grades. At the end of semester 4 I had a gpa of 0.16/4.00 and was the lead programmer in a successful project to redo the university's accounting setup from Autocoder into COBOL.

Then I got the word....VIETNAM. I had one summer term to get my grades up or go see exotic foreign lands. I say fuck football, the prospect of being shot will broaden your horizons.

Forty years later I'm looking at a 2:00 a.m. conclusion to upgrading 3 linux desktops. I run a small linux based hosting company, but disappear every summer to run a 90' commercial fishing boat in Alaska for 4+ months.

The threat of being shot works best when it comes to producing "cool nerds".

The Internet

A Look At the Wolfram Alpha "Search Engine" 216

An anonymous reader points out a ReadWriteWeb piece on an hour-long demo of Wolfram|Alpha (which we discussed at its announcement). Stephen Wolfram does not like to call it a "search engine," preferring instead the term "computational knowledge engine." It will open to the public in May. "The hype around Wolfram|Alpha, the next 'Google killer' from the makers of Mathematica, has been building over the last few weeks. Today, we were lucky enough to attend a one-hour web demo with Stephen Wolfram, and from what we've seen, it definitely looks like it can live up to the hype — though, because it is so different from traditional search engines, it will definitely not be a 'Google killer.' According to Stephen Wolfram, the goal of Alpha is to give everyone access to expert knowledge and the data that a specialist would be able to compute from this information."

Comment RedHat is already onboard. (Score 2, Informative) 187

A bit of time with the Google reveals Red Hat Enterprise Healthcare Platform which likely is the reason for this being included.

A quick review of the literature shows that several hospital software vendors have been converting their offering to run on a RHL backend.

That's likely where the main open source offerings will appear, replacing mainframes with cheap linux server solutions, and some database apps.

Comment Intel plans US Plants to Manufacture 32nm Chips (Score 4, Informative) 193

Intel announced today that it was investing $7bln to build new manufacturing facilities in the US to manufacture these chips.

The new facilities will be built at existing manufacturing plants in New Mexico, Oregon, and Arizona. Intel is estimating 7,000 new jobs will be created.

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