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Comment Re:From the No Duh Dept. (Score 1) 801

Highways in the US are banked as well, it's called superelevation. Depending on what state you're in, due to winter weather, the rate varies from 6% to 10% max cross slope.

The biggest difference between the US Interstates and the rest of the world is that the US system is a network of tangents and curves. Nearly everyone else (even railroads in the US) uses clothoid spiral curves to transition between the tangents and curves. The spiral gradually changes direction which allows for a more fluid movement, and a faster allowable speed.

Comment The parties in control in Congress since WWII (Score 1) 939

78th Congress (1943-1945): House: D Senate: D Prez: FDR
79th Congress: House:D Senate:D Prez:Truman
80th Congress: House:R Senate:R Prez:Truman
81st Congress: House:D Senate:D Prez:Truman
82nd Congress: House:D Senate:Tie Prez:Truman
83rd Congress: House:R Senate:R Prez:Eisenhower
84th Congress: House:D Senate:D Prez:Eisenhower
85th Congress: House:D Senate:D Prez:Eisenhower
86th Congress: House:D Senate:D Prez:Eisenhower
87th Congress: House:D Senate:D Prez:Kennedy
88th Congress: House:D Senate:D Prez:Kennedy/Johnson
89th Congress: House:D Senate:D Prez:Johnson
90th Congress: House:D Senate:D Prez:Johnson
91st Congress: House:D Senate:D Prez:Nixon
92nd Congress: House:D Senate:D Prez:Nixon
93rd Congress: House:D Senate:D Prez:Nixon/Ford
94th Congress: House:D Senate:D Prez:Ford
95th Congress: House:D Senate:D Prez:Carter
96th Congress: House:D Senate:D Prez:Carter
97th Congress (1981-1983): House:D Senate:R Prez:Reagan
98th Congress: House:D Senate:R Prez:Reagan
99th Congress: House:D Senate:R Prez:Reagan
100th Congress: House:D Senate:D Prez:Reagan
101st Congress: House:D Senate:D Prez:Bush
102nd Congress: House:D Senate:D Prez:Bush
103rd Congress: House:D Senate:D Prez:Clinton
104th Congress: House:R Senate:R Prez:Clinton
105th Congress: House:R Senate:R Prez:Clinton
106th Congress: House:R Senate:R Prez:Clinton
107th Congress: House:R Senate:R/D Prez:Bush
108th Congress: House:R Senate:R Prez:Bush
109th Congress: House:R Senate:R Prez:Bush
110th Congress: House:D Senate:D Prez:Bush

Feed Engadget: HP celebrates 35th anniversary of HP-35: launches 35s calculator (engadget.com)

Filed under: Misc. Gadgets, Handhelds

Feel that? That's the unexpected stir of nostalgia welling inside of your dorktic-loin. Rest easy, you're not alone. In fact, that picture aroused a deeply seeded HP fanboi-ism long obscured by thick slabs of drab computing plastic and opaque printer ink. The 35s marks the 35th anniversary of the industry defining HP-35 pocket scientific calculator (and death of the sliderule) -- a first to offer basic trig and exponential functions. While HP preserved the original's reverse Polish notation, gone is the single-line of red LEDs which illuminated the childhood wonder of so many budding engineers. The new 35s also introduces an algebraic entry mode for those who find RPN entry just a bit too, well, reversed. Of course, it's fully modern with 800 storage registers, 100 built-in functions, and a large 2-line alpha numeric display with adjustable contrast. Better yet, the 35s will only set you back $60 compared to the $395 it cost back in 1972 -- that's a lot more 8-tracks for your swank Ford Capri, eh Pops?

Read -- HP-35 anniversary video
Read -- HP 35s

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Submission + - New HP 35S RPN/Algebraic Calculator ($60) (hp.com)

Anonymous Coward writes: "HP.shopping.com has a page describing the new HP 35S calculator with a Coming Soon banner. This is probably related to the "35 years of HP 35" celebration and contest ending today. More info and speculation is available at http://www.hpmuseum.org/cgi-sys/cgiwrap/hpmuseum/f orum.cgi?read=118199#118199 It looks like you can order it now."

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