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Comment Re:Why isn't it the trucks fault (Score 4, Informative) 379

I wonder how the car got under the trailer. Is there no regulation for trailer impact protection?
In Europe, trailers are required have strong bars on sides and back of the trailer to prevent cars getting under. The sides also must have flat covers, which improve visiblity.
Here's an example:

Comment Re:When can we disable 2G everywhere? (Score 1) 42

Technically, LTE goes a different rout than (W)CDMA.
(W)CDMA means several transmitters sending on the same frequency at the same time, using different modulation codes. From the sum signal, a receiver can pick out each transmitter's signal by correlating with the transmitter's code.
On LTE, transmitters never send on the same frequency at the same time. They always use separate frequencies and/or different time slots.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 166

In Germany, I'd say at least 80% of all private smartphones have Whatsapp installed. SMS is limited to short text. Whatsapp has emoticons (some people cannot communicate without 'em), sending pictures, video, and you current location, if you want to meet e.g. in a big park.
Phone number change afaik works, you just have to link old and new number somewhere in the options. With SMS, this doesn't work.

Comment Re:Renewable energy can work. (Score 4, Informative) 298

You cannot get a $0.15/kWh power plan in Germany for private homes, only for large industrial plants.
The cheapest price (by kWh) I can get for my German home is 0.23€ ($0.26) / kWh plus 60€ ($69) per year, so it's 0.25€ ($0.28) / kWh in total.

Latest statistics say the average price for private customers is 0.28€ / kWh:

Comment Re:You don't have to use keurig brand cups (Score 1) 299

Those machines seem to be expensive in the US. In Germany, you can buy 10 different models for under 270€ (= 305 USD, including 19% VAT), and some time last year, Amazon Germany listed several models for around 200 USD. I bought one for 180€, and the ROI vs. coffee cups was within a year.

Comment Re: What is a DOS screen? (Score 1) 155

320x240x8bit is 76800 bytes, more than 64KB. It required bank switching, but it was easier than the GP wrote. VRAM was still linear, but you needed a VESA BIOS call to change the 64KB VRAM bank accessible in the 64KB video memory segment. Of 320x240, 204.8 lines fit in the first bank, the remaining ones in the second bank. As a display line split in two banks is very unhandy, you could increase the virtual resolution to 512x240 an had 128 full lines in bank 0 and the other 112 lines in bank 1.

Comment Re:Slippery Slope (Score 1) 347

Well, for me it seems that most of refugee-related destruction in Germany seems to come from Germans, who in certain areas set newly built refugee shelters on fire. In Hamburg, I live very close two container camps housing 850 mostly Syrian refugees. I've talked with several refugees, helped them find the right trains or groceries when they cannot read English or German. I haven't seen any "destruction", crime or even aggression from them.

Comment Re:Restore from backup (Score 1) 212

DICOM Printers for digital X-ray images need a lot of code for the network protocols and actual printing. I've seen some older models which contain a PC inside running Windows NT with software to convert between DICOM on the outside and the actual printer's native interface. Of couse, that machine is on the network, because all the X-ray machines need to print X-rays.

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