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Comment Re:Brutal (Score 1) 822

All reactors can be turned off quickly. Thats what a scam is. The problem is the continued cooling of the Nuclear fuel. It takes 3-6 months for the fuel rods to cool. Canadian Candu reactors are one of the few designs, not the only one that don't NEED active cooling if all power is lost. But the fuel rods still take months to cool to normal levels.

Comment Re:Serious question; (Score 1) 822

Excuse me but I have to point this out. The Japanese plant was hit by both a Earth Quake that was larger then its designed specs and it was also hit by a Tsunami. How can you honestly with a straight face say it was not safe excluding what happened to it. I think they held up really good considering. Current reactors have passive cooling systems that don't need power. Had this plant had that system it would not have failed. A few design retrofits need to be considered for coastal plants such as making them water proof and having the generators located in protective bunkers. But come on, who expected it to be hit twice like that. The wall that protected that plant had been tall enough as well except the entire area sank 5-10 feet during the quake. Personally I have no credibility problem with Nuclear power. If we had accidents once a year sure. But major accidents every decade, 2 of them being human error and over 20+ years ago forget it. Its credible for me.

Comment Re:Questioning (Score 2) 132

And besides Apple was not tracking data and sending it back to itself either. The tracking was local on the device and stayed local on the device to help the device operate better. BIG difference if it was actually being sent BACK to Apple. And it was not actually tracking a persons location but wifi and tower locations around a person which in itself gives a general location of where a person has been. This issue has been seriously blown out of proportion .

Comment No Way (Score 1) 686

My problems with this is - Legal issues. If some perv downloads childporn through my connection I get fingered and go through hell trying to prove it was not me. Its a multi year costly nightmware - Protection of my equipment and data, I don't need people trying to go through my files, risking adding a virus to my network - Bandwidth Hogs, I don't need some kid next door using up all my bandwidth when I try to make a skype call or worse using more then what my allotment is before my ISP gets pissy with me - Free loaders, why should I pay for my internet connection and have half a dozen people using my line and not contributing back to me for it. Not a chance in hell would I ever do this. I would maybe consider it if I had a router that supported a guest network that isolated my network from the public, that also allowed me to control bandwidth so I could limit it to 20k down and 5Gb monthly max, then I might share the internet for passers wanting to check email or check a webpage while in range. Would also want it logging all websites used to make it easier to defend against what might have been done on my line.

Comment Look to the oceans (Score 1) 293

We should be looking towards the oceans. What other environment on this planet is protected from storms, quakes and fires. Underwater cities over the deep ocean would make for great homes. Can also grow a lot of food near the surface in underwater green houses. So much space in the oceans for us to expand to. Does not need to be very deep. Would also learn how to live in such environments which would further our ability to live in space.

Comment Privacy is fake (Score 1) 362

privacy privacy privacy privacy, you don't have privacy in a electronic world and thats a big period. If you want privacy don't own a cell phone. If you want privacy use only cold hard cash and not debit and credit for purchases. If you want privacy do NOT use any store reward programs. Don't use the internet. When your cell phone is on, your being tracked, be it by the phone itself or the cell phone companies. When you use debit or credit to purchase anything your being tracked. When you use reward programs or electronic fare systems on transit you are being tracked. Every website you go to your being tracked. Seriously most people think they have privacy but they don't. The privacy you have is only limited to the documents and policies of the companies that you deal with and local laws. The privacy you have with any form of electronic systems is what and what a company can do with your personal info its collecting. The only true privacy is to give up the electronic world. Think about your car GPS system. It remembers all the addresses you put in it. Every element of the electronic world will have these issues. Physical security is about the most important thing you can do to protect yourself. Don't lose your stuff for others to play with.

Comment Just don't care (Score 2) 251

As I don't support anything related to GPLv3 I just don't care. Its a flawed political license that has no place with open source or free software. I hope that it is tested in court a few more times and found to be invalid so it can just go away.

Comment Re:Yeah? (Score 1) 251

You dense idiot, a EULA does not mean it has to put restrictions on use, it can also grant rights of use. The GPL is a EULA. It restricts those that do not want to follow the GPL and it grants rights and USE to those that respect the agreement. Do the world a favor and don't breed.

Comment Re:GPLv3 doesn't prevent you (Score 1) 1075

"As an end user GPLv3 doesn't stop you to use the software on whichever device you choose." Device of Choice is iPhone, mostly because of the lock down nature of the device. so YES it does. "give the code with the same freedom as you received it" App's do they provide the code in the App itself or online with a link to download. Access to the code is not limited. "If you can't currently run it on a non-jailbroken iDevice, this is due to the limitations that Apple puts on you." I can currently run it on non-jailbroken iDevices until Stallman Nazi's get the Apps pulled over GPL v3 , this is not a limitation from Apple this is a limitation on GPL v3 and the Stallman Nazi's. "concept behind GPL is to always ensure that the end user has the freedom to hack this code, and apple doesn't want it." But people can still hack the code because developers that released open source Apps included the code or link to the code. If Apple didn't want it they wouldn't allow even that. They don't block it at all so nope sorry not Apple, again it comes down to GPL. "So if you look at the details, it's all Apple's fault because : - They don't want users to do what they want. They block it with DRM. - GPL licenses are designed with the purpose to always let the users do what they want (as long as this freedom is passed to the next in the copy-chain) - Apple prefers no to use GPL code because it interferes with their intentions of limiting the freedom of the end user." Heres my take on it, its not Apples fault but GPL v3 Fault - The device is a appliance, some users choose it because its designed around DRM and safety, a walled garden - GPL licenses are designed to make sure the freedom of the code remains intact which it does even if the delivery system is DRM. As long as the developer provides the code I don't see what the problem is and what is limited. - Apple prefers not to use GPL because off the BS around it, nothing to do with intentions ot limiting freedoms. GPL is just waste deep of problems so rightly so they avoid it just like me as a end user I avoid it. Last I gotta call the BS out on this one "The latest invention of manufacturer is DRM. You get the code, but you can't do what you want with it, because if you want to modify it, you must sign it before uploading it (as the device doesn't run non-signed code) and you don't have the key. You got the code, but this code is useless" So what, i can give you a CD with code but unless you aquire a computer its useless. I can write you some code on paper but unless you got a computer to use the code its useless. Its no different then having to sign up for a system that helps keep the system secure. By your backwards logic, no code is free because of the associated cost of Computer Hardware and electricity that allows you to use the code.

Comment Re:GPLv3 doesn't prevent you (Score 2) 1075

How can you say it does not when it clearly does. Can I get GPL v3 Software for my iphone. NO I cant. Its not compatible with the distribution method. So yes that clause does affect me the end user. Good open source software is not on the App store or not for long because of this. Even though the code is free for all to use the distrbution method isn't compatable. Its political because the claws was put in to force a ideology upon every one about distribution methods, and so forth. So my right to enjoy the hard work and efforts of many is gone from that one clause

Comment Re:GPL is the problem (Score 1) 1075

No you don't. Let the user decide if they want to exercise their rights. If they want the code to work on they will get the code from the source that allows them to work on it. You act as if the second some one makes a locked down product with your code that your original code vanishes and is no longer accessibly or available. Let the user decide what matters.

Comment Re:GPL is the problem (Score 1) 1075

Stop saying End users rights and freedoms, its not about the end user it never was. Its all about the union of programmers and that is all its about. Programmers couldn't give a dam about End users. From a programming friend I don't give two shits about users, I care about other developers who use and contribute to my code. No user is going to contribute anything except support requests. I'm not interested in supporting freeloaders, I'm interested in protecting the freedoms of other programmers. So be honest at least. Its only about programmers rights. No one else's.

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