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Submission + - Hacker claims running DirectX10 outside Vista

Roy van Rijn writes: "Since Microsoft released Vista they've been claiming DirectX10 (one of the best reasons to run Vista) is so tightly connected to the new Vista-kernel its unable to distribute it to other platforms. But some hackers from the Alky Project claim otherwise. With a preview build on their website the claim seems to be correct. And if thats the case it becomes clear that the DX10 only being possible for Vista was just a marketing trick. Cody Brocious (part of the Alky team) stated that it would even be possible to run their DirectX10-SDK on OS-X or Linux. Happy gaming folks!"

Submission + - What should I do with my Web 2.0 project?

leeet writes: Web 2.0 Guy asks on Yahoo: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AnmBL fwfcdDR1KUFJETomFrty6IX?qid=20070424070121AA1LWlR

I have an idea for a new type of website which I believe people will truly appreciate and spend a lot of time on it. I spent almost a year working on the business plan, researching potential competitors (as there is no direct competitors as of now), working on the features, creating documents. Basically, all I need to do now is to pull up my sleeves and start coding. The problem is that I don't have time as I have a job and a family. I estimated that it will require me more than 2 years of coding before I can release a stable version. So, I'm thinking about selling my idea (probably very hard as I don't want to disclose information for free), working for a potential competitor where I could manage this product or finally create an open source project where everyone could work on it. What are my other options? I would really want this project to go ahead as I think it will change the way people live experience and search the Internet.

What would you do?

Feed Extreme Star Birth In The Carina Nebula To Celebrate Hubble's 17th Anniversary (sciencedaily.com)

One of the largest panoramic images ever taken with Hubble's cameras has been released to celebrate the 17th anniversary of the launch and deployment of the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. The image shows a 50 light-year-wide view of the tumultuous central region of the Carina Nebula where a maelstrom of star birth -- and death -- is taking place.

Feed Stanford Scientists Make Major Breakthrough In Regenerative Medicine (sciencedaily.com)

Findings described in a new study by Stanford scientists may be the first step toward a major revolution in human regenerative medicine -- a future where advanced organ damage can be repaired by the body itself. Scientists show that a human evolutionary ancestor, the sea squirt, can correct abnormalities over a series of generations, suggesting that a similar regenerative process might be possible in people.

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