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Journal Journal: Fox News and Google Gears?!

Today I was using Chrome and stopped over at (via Google News). While there, I click on another story. At that point, Google Gears popped up and asked "The website below wants to store information on your computer using Gears."

Then there is the cute little box that says I trust this site. Of course I hit deny.

Comment Re:That makes two of us (Score 1, Troll) 64

My wife uses it in her daily Wii Fit and Wii Sports routine & my grandmother uses it at her nursing home 1x a week... there is a sign up sheet and a line. I have used it for Wii Sports and Zelda's crossbow training, but otherwise, for the games that allow a controller, I use the controller. Heck, my mother touched Wii and hates anything that isn't a typewriter.

Comment Brilliant! (Score 1) 147

This is brilliant marketing by LucasArts... and they are going to make a crap load of cash off it.

By using Steam &/or XBL, they don't have to "go gold", market deals with big box distributors, remaking packaging, etc. And we as the players don't have to screw around with DOSBox or SCUMVM.

I'm excited and ready to buy some classics!

Comment Thnx (Score 2, Insightful) 81

While these essays are probably available in some form or another on the web, I'll be in for one of these books. Thank you for the review.

As an Information Security professional, I look for books and other easy to read documentation that I can recommend to management and others who indicate an interest in (or need a push in the right direction) info security. Most of the time, if I e-mail them a link or story, it gets blown off. If I can put a document (screw paper saving) in their hands or a book with a chapter as "homework" I seem to get a better response.

Comment Re:Serves you right! (Score 1) 186

Anti-trust is based on the altruist idea that the more successful you are - (aka "selfish") - the more evil you are, and the evil successful need to be brought down to favor the less successful, or failures. This also happens to be the moral underpinning for bailouts, welfare, "soak the rich", government healthcare, and many more.

Oh yeah, it's also a Christian ideal.

Being a so called "liberal Christian" I'm very curious about how Anti-trust is a Christian ideal. Doesn't the "Good Book" say to go and do things to the best of our abilities?

Linux Business

Submission + - Moblin 2 Beta Reviewed

An anonymous reader writes: Over at PC World, Keir Thomas has written a detailed review of Moblin 2, Intel's new OS created specifically for netbooks. FTA: "Moblin is in no way a "cut down" operating system for netbooks, as I'm sure many fuddy-duddy commentators in the industry would like to see it. Moblin is an example of a platform from which you can launch your online adventures, whatever they may be. It's a jumping off point... What I like more, though, is what Moblin is trying to do. It might be that Moblin doesn't reach its destination but, as often happens with computing, Moblin's gift to the world may turn out to be a proof of concept."

Submission + - Twitter Users Can Now Buy Followers

Hugh Pickens writes: "BBC reports that uSocial, a social media marketing company based in Australia, has launched a paid service to find followers for Twitter users for a fee of $87 for a block of 1,000. The company finds potential followers by searching through Twitter to discover areas of common interest to match people more closely. uSocial then send these potential followers a message, alerting them that there is someone on Twitter they might want to follow and the potential follower then decides whether or not to follow that person. "A woman who runs yoga classes is one of our clients," says Leon Hill, chief executive of uSocial,. "So are some religious organizations including one man that just wants to get the word out about God. Twitter started as a way for just friends to keep in touch, but as with any social media site once they get big, every business or marketer jumps on the bandwagon. It's an excellent marketing medium." Some commentators have expressed concerns that this sort of practice could lead to an increase in "Twitter spam", as users are bombarded with irrelevant tweets. "As a Twitter user, I only want to follow people whose tweets I like, and only expect to be followed by people who find my tweets worth the time," writes Harry McCracken, a technology expert. "I know that I'd rather have fifty engaged followers than 5,000 whose attention I had to pay for.""

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