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Comment What's better on a site as big FB? (Score 1) 509

So this guy Stonebraker thinks Facebook is running too many servers or something, or its just too complex, whatever. Seems to be working for me as a user so not sure what the problem is.

Is there something that can scale to support something as big as Facebook and be done using fewer servers with less complexity? What site has actually proven that? Was it because of the underlying db engine or just a better design from the get go?

This quote: "“old SQL (as he calls it) is good for nothing” and needs to be “sent to the home for retired software.” Is just flame bait (of course I'm taking it though).

His only real point is this: "the problem with MySQL and other SQL databases is that they consume too many resources for overhead tasks (e.g., maintaining ACID compliance and handling multithreading) and relatively few on actually finding and serving data. ". He has some engine he thinks does it better (VoltDB), which does a lot of stuff in memory, similar to memcached, but built into the engine. Good idea. Oracle DB has in memory tables as well.

Has anyone put this VoltDB to the test? Is it better?

Comment Re:GOOG (Score 1) 101

Maybe you are thinking of Microsoft (C# one example). Java is the language of choice on Android already and has been from the start. They just want everyone to stop suing them for it, so they can focus on doing cool stuff. Oracle is the beast here that needs to be rained in, not Google.

How I understand it is this: The licensing terms restrict Google from making their own platform specific version using the spec. It basically stops Google from rebranding Java to "Gava" and using it as the language of choice on Android.

Comment Re:Dubious (Score 1) 220

The control group was also right handed. "All participants were adult,clinically healthy, right-handed men."

Anyway I agree that there are some flaws to this "study". The 2 groups (cell phone wearers/non-cell phone wearers) were drastically different in terms of average age and height. The study tries to explain that away, but I wasn't convinced. Also 2/3 of them were faculty or staff at Medical places, so sort of a strange group to test effects of electromagnetic radiation on, since they may have other significant exposures at work.

Comment Re:Study compared fat and old to young and thin (Score 1) 220

Reading a bit more on how they did the study: 2/3 of the people in the study were faculty or personnel from a Medical Sciences school or Nuclear Medicine school. Again a strange choice for studying the effects of electromagnetic radiation given that these people probably get exposed to more of that than the average joe.

This was also not a before/after study. Meaning they don't have any measurements from the cell phone wearing group before they started wearing cell phones. Nor did they follow either group over time. Basically they just got 48 people, half who wore a cell, half who didn't and measured, 1 time (as far as I can tell) their Bone Mineral Density and Bone Mineral Content.

I guess it was hard for them to find young thing people that didn't wear cell phones, thus accounting for the skewed sample ages and weights?

Also note the following:
The cell phone wearing group had higher (read Better) or similar BMC and BMD for 9 out of the 12 measurements by my count.

Comment Study compared fat and old to young and thin (Score 1) 220

Just looking at Table 1 in the PDF of the study you can see the sample of non-phone users to phone-users had a really weird makeup. The nonusers where older and heaver by significant margins: 47.1 years to 33.5 years and 85kg to 77kg. So non users were like 14 years older and 18 lbs heaver. Really wacked.

Why would you do a study on hips with such a skewed population? The attempt to account for this in the text, but I'm not buying it.

Also, the total number studies was 48 people (24 users, 24 non-users) so not a huge study.

Based on the populations used for the study, its my guess they had some data lying around on at least one of these groups which was probably collected differently from the data for the other group.

Hey I want to know as much as the next guy if this is for real, as I sometimes carry up to 3 cell phones (don't ask), but I'm seeing some flaws here that are just jumping out.

Comment Reminds me of the TIM flying bird windup toy (Score 2) 152

I watched the video, and it reminds me a lot of the Tim bird:

Not to take away from what they've done, but it really does seem to fly like Tim. So basically the Tim toy with an electric motor instead of a wound up rubber band, and maybe remote control to help steer. Ok, granted it looks like the head moves but I wasn't blown away.

Still its pretty cool, but I didn't see them do anything awesome. How about gliding? Seems pretty basic to me, flap, flap flap, glide like a real bird.

Comment Re:Apps (Score 1) 228

Yeah, you know its interesting, as devs, we seem to flock to the place where the most people are, but that is not always the best move. You have tons of competition, and therefore have to sell apps for small $ or give them away, and you struggle to get noticed. Sure the rewards are huge if you start getting some buzz, but most apps don't get that buzz.

I wonder if I could sell my app for 3-10 times the price on a smaller market like Windows Phone 7 or webOS, compared to what I sell it for on both the Android or iPhone app stores. Which way would I earn more $ over all? If I have the only app that does a certain function on WP7 then maybe that's worth more than being 1 out of 20 that do it on iPhone or Android?

Comment Re:Apps (Score 1) 228

When MeeGo comes in, say, in a year (and I'm being optimistic here), why would mobile developers care to divert resources from existing well-entrenched platforms?

Because maybe by then developers will have figured out, that being a small fish in a small pond makes you a bigger fish. Or in less obtuse terms, because there will be less competitors in their app store, so better chance of making a killing.


Comment Re:No one here has a Windows phone? (Score 1) 270

I didn't see anything in TFA about it being on 3G only (obviously happens over 3G or people wouldn't care about their data plans, but is it 3G only), but maybe in one of the referred links from the article? I know that article says that Microsoft says the "problems" were caused "by an unnamed "third party" service. Which sounds a bit different than a 3rd party app. Maybe something that comes as part of WP7 OS or pre-installed, but was written by a 3rd party.

Anyway speculation is sort of pointless, which is why I was hoping that someone had done some actual testing themselves and maybe discovered a thing or 2.

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