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Comment Re:No sense at all (Score 3, Insightful) 400

The voters have been told in rolling news that they should be angry and focus on that. So they probably are. The surprise is the rush to provide all the power the police needs to counter the terrorist threat had provisions that the government still couldn't get into law. This new threat should remedy that. All it took was for the police to literally standby and do nothing, not even using the powers they already had.

Comment Re:Content HAS to be paid for in SOME way (Score 1) 246

The content has to be better than the content provided by involved individuals with a passion for the subject who give freely, just to share their passion and to find like-minded souls. So far whats being pedaled is not content but production value. The biggest successes so far seem to be involved the farming of communities that evolved content. The content is free, no one is subsidizing anyone no matter how many random words you CHOOSE to shout.

Comment Re:Well, we've finished with the hard part (Score 1) 363

Well at least stop destabilizing them. And maybe the key users of the power could move near the source. The earnings from the use of that power could remain in the providing nation perhaps. Local education, infrastructure and education could improve. While the first instinct is "How do we get this out of Africa" nothing will change, good for some I suppose.

Comment Re:and why not ? (Score 1) 477

"false economy of the chinese currency." Oh the irony that the country benefiting from the position of its currency as the defacto world reserve currency would bitch about a supplier that would peg against that currency to prevent the impact of devaluation of that currency on its economy. Especially when the devaluation card has just been played. Oh those bad chinese, bad bad bad.

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