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Comment Re:Hurray... (Score 2) 62

If people here were coming up with alternate theories that account for all the observations that we presently see that have continually point physicists to the conclusion that there's some substantial non-baryonic mystery component of the universe, then that would be fine. But most of the oh-so insightful wisdom being shed seems to come from people who haven't even bothered to brush up on the wikipedia articles on the topic.

While it's certainly unscientific to shut out alternate theories based solely on the 'authority' of whatever happens to be the prevailing theory of the period, that doesn't mean that repeating the same arguments rooted in absolute ignorance of the topic can be passed off as unclouded wisdom. You think physicists haven't considered that general relativity could be wrong for the last 100 years? Or that there's some deeply seated ideological tether to Einstein that keeps modern physicists from wanting to one-up him? Anyone who could come up with something that unseats general relativity would be a sure bet for a nobel prize, and put themselves in the history books.

Maybe the sort of posts I'm talking about are actually a vocal minority of repeat offenders, but it's still pretty depressing when the signal to noise ratio here about certain science topics is even worse than a place like Reddit. Probably because most of the people in less "nerdy" communities haven't had a childhood of praise of super intelligence for being able to program the family's VCR and power cycle the cable modem to fix the "broken" internet.

Comment Re:Air dates (for those asking where the vid is) (Score 5, Insightful) 98

It'll probably be 10 seconds of actual video which is then chopped up, played in varying arrangements and speeds, with a healthy dose of scary/ominous music, and then be inter-cut by experts that speak only in 4-5 second chunks, and then commercial breaks of 4 minutes trying to sell me a Honda. A wonderful way to spend an hour.

Comment Re:Distinguishing conflict from disagreement (Score 1) 1152

The problem with using those classifications is that it firmly puts every major New Atheist figure, including Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris, etc, under the 'agnostic' umbrella and just about no one under the other. No reasonable person could or would say they're certain there is no god.

Comment Re:Plenty of authentic material left.. (Score 3, Informative) 303

They only have the film rights to The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings by way of Saul Zaentz who purchased the rights back in the 70s. I'm pretty sure that the rights to everything outside of those specific books still rests in the hands of the Tolkien estate, and if Christopher Tolkien were going to sell the film rights to the rest of the material, he probably would have done it already (he's gone on record as not being happy with the films, and had to sue New Line in order to get their royalties from the films.)

If they're going to make 3 Tolkien films, New Line/Jackson's hands are pretty much tied to events in and those surrounding The Hobbit.

Comment Re:thermal paste? (Score 1) 195

What do you think thermal pads, thermal compound, and cooling plates are for?

Paste/pads is to improve surface area contact as surface irregularities in hard metal surfaces introduce air gaps, while thermal interface materials are pliable enough to fill those gaps. In other words, paste is better than air and should really only be having to wet the surfaces and not prevent direct contact where it's possible.

I stand by my point - introducing an extra layer is actually acting as an insulator as the heat is having to transfer through an extra medium and extra imperfect contact points that it otherwise would not have had to. If adding a layer like this improved heat transfer, then adding a dozen or a hundred more should improve it even better (which obviously it does not, because that would be absurd.) To think of it another way, the best possible contact point between two metal surfaces would be to have them be a single piece of metal, which is effectively what you already have without additional shims.

If the shim is actually improving cooling performance somehow it would be due to another reason, such as by introducing additional tension on the retention mechanism of the heatsink, resulting in more force being applied to the CPU.

Comment Re:thermal paste? (Score 1) 195

Why would you want 2 points of contact instead of just 1? The copper shim is technically a thermal insulator in that respect as it stands between your heat source and heat sink (even if the shim were made of diamond, it would still be functioning as an insulator between your source and sink.) The only benefit I could see being provided would be by increasing the compression of whatever spring is used to hold the heatsink down.

If introducing a shim or any sort of additional contact layer actually improved heat transfer, then why not sandwich 5 more shims? :P

Comment Re:Source refresh rate? (Score 1) 98

Sorry, I wasn't using "1000" to mean a specific amount, it was just a convenient way of asking if the source data would dramatically balloon as there would have to be huge amounts of additional data to support all these unique POVs rather than just a pair of stereo POVs.

I guess basically where I'm coming from is asking myself the question: what is needed in order for a display using this 3D technology to replace the present 3D HDTV implementation while keeping at least a 1080p @ 60hz field per eyeball? What would be needed from Hollywood to produce content that supports this? Would they even be interested in this, considering they can't use this for theater ticket sales, and when they already cheap out by doing quasi-3D post-conversions? For video games? Would each frame have to be completely rendered hundreds of times in order to accurately populate all the potential POVs? Due to the massive amounts of processing overhead, would a game system be likely to support such a technology without a substantial install base? Would that substantial processing be better spent on other features?

This technology just seems to be a lot more substantial than a simple new 3D format. It seems more akin to the jump between SD and HDTV, and would have all the same hiccups and delays. I'll be old and gray by then, and no doubt one of my eyes probably won't work well enough to enjoy it anyways.

Comment Source refresh rate? (Score 1) 98

So I'm assuming that this requires the source to be supplying the additional content at their 1000hz (or whatever refresh rate) to cover the full range of viewing angles? So now all we need are video media 1000 times bigger, and graphics chips 1000 times faster to supply the frames.

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