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Comment he is looking at it wrong (Score 1) 98

While the GOP continue to waste money on the SLS/Orion debacle, they are also continuing funding for new space, though it was left open.
If money is spent on multiple private space stations, along with sending us to the moon VIA NEW SPACE, then it will allow for the infrastructure to be put in place and the price for launches, space operations, etc to drop. And a once a month launch of the BFR to the moon/space would help him far more than direct cash will.

Comment VAT is the answer (Score 1) 392

Seriously, most nations such as nearly all of EUrope, China, Mexico, etc use vats for multiple issues. One of them is that nearly all of these countries apply a set rate to everything, including imports, and then give tax breaks for local manufacturing.
America needs to do the same. Apply a 18% VAT, perhaps giving the last level to the state in which the retailer is in, and then give tax breaks for local production. We can then drop sales tax in states lower and lower.
And these vats cover the issues of robotics.

Comment Re:Good for them (Score 1) 149

Actually, MAGA hate is very anti-science. Just like the far left is.
The far right continues to deny AGW, amongst other things.
The idea that you can restart coal would indicate that not only do you not believe in AGW (science), but do not understand how capitalism works. Coal has been diminishing in America DUE TO CAPITALISM. And this will continue so that by 2020, less than 15% of our electricity will come from coal. Maybe less.

Time for your far righties to start thinking since you have obviously shut down on it.

Comment Re:Good for them (Score 1) 149

You are overrated.
30 years ago, America owned the commercial launches, which allowed us to launch massive numbers. Then the shuttle, combined with ULA, conspired to allow Russia and Europe to take over the Commercial launches. Now, SpaceX owns 2/3 of the commercial launch, and once BO hits that market, it will lead to competition that is designed to lower our costs even further.
At the same time, we are quickly moving towards private space. Now, you may not like it, but with the bulk of the commercial launches happening in America, combined with the vast majority of commercial sat building (one-way is coming on line now) about to start-up in America (98% of all sats that have been made, are about to be , made in America), combined with an inflatable private space station, I would say that is who we are.

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