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Comment Authoritarian governments (Score 0) 983

Like Cuba, Russia, China, Venezuela, etc, are run by leftist Marxists not conservatives. Liberals love Cuba and used to love Venezuela, not so much since it collapsed under its leftist ideals.

Islam is also an authoritarian form of government and that aint Western Conservatism. All the rest are petty tyrants. Conservatives are about rule of law and self determination. The only authoritarian governments that are rightist in any way are South American juntas, which have mostly disappeared and African warlords. Neither of which are Western style Conservatism.

But, but, but you stammer, we build roads and bridges and, and, and Scandinavia! There are probably more Scandinavians in America then in Scandinavia. You'd think so if you ever saw the US play Norway in soccer in the USA.

Comment Don't hate gays (Score 2) 404

Just don't think they should be able to coop the term marriage. They can have all the same rights, just call it something besides gay marriage. Also think husband and wife should be used for a man and a woman exclusively. Be creative, come up with some terms that won't confuse everyone when you bring your wife Bob to the family reunion. Most people supported civil unions but that wasn't enough. Now people are being sued for not baking a cake.

I'm also against the current argument that transsexuals can choose the bathroom they feel most comfortable using. I do support allowing people to change their sex, but it needs to be a legal proceeding. Otherwise, they may as well say anyone can use any bathroom, shower facility, etc because anyone at any time can say they feel like a person of the opposite sex. I don't hate gays, just don't agree with their agenda.

Same with Muslims, don't hate them, but not going to turn a blind eye to their religious and political tenants (Islam is both a religion and system of governance). There are lots of Muslim countries and they all seem to have serious issues with their non-Muslim neighbors. And there are Muslim insurgents in secular nations that are trying to turn those into Muslim countries. It is they that have divided the world into the part of peace (Islamic) and war (non-Islamic). They fight amongst themselves because Shia and Shite don't recognize the other as being proper Islam (and thus the other is in the region of war). I also don't like their stance on women and the wearing of the hijab, that they don't allow people to leave Islam (which is un-American), that they do not assimilate, that there are millions who support the tactics of terror, that they blow up and destroy historical and cultural artifacts (especially if they are of another religion), that the rules for their behavior changes if they are in the region of war (allowed to drink, lie, steal, have gay sex, etc if it is in support of Jihad) and I could go on. But I don't hate them, just want them to modernize and reform, which is unlikely cause apostasy is a death sentence in Islam.

BTW, all of your long posts about history are really insensitive. This Muslim inspired massacre occurred this week, not centuries ago.

Comment Re:People who say (Score 0) 240

A core component of the scientific method is convincing others that you are correct. So in that regard Mann, Hansen and Gore have done a good job. Another core component is matching theory to reality. On that regard, they have not done a good job. We are still awaiting the runaway warming predicted by Mann, Hansen and Gore. Still waiting for New York to be under water and the arctic to be ice free. Those are, for sane people, good things. Unless your livelihood depends on runaway global warming, in which case you continue to spout the same nonsense and hope that someday these things will come to pass.

As part of the 97% that believes that the climate is changing and that man is responsible for some of it, I try to keep up on the science as much as anyone. The difference is that I believe the heat trapping effects and lifespan of CO2 are low and that the feedbacks are not all positive. Compare that to M H & G who all believe the opposite.

Comment Re:Hillary vs Trump (Score 3, Insightful) 879

Hillary has no real accomplishments short of getting her husband and herself elected to numerous offices and then using those offices to make as much money as they possibly can. How much do they charge the secret service rent? Is it really enough to pay their mortgages? I bet it is enough to pay the average American's mortgage. Probably the average 10 Americans. How much do they charge to speak? How many foreign governments and companies have they taken money from? What exactly does their non-profit do besides pay for their travel expenses to speaking engagements?

She talks about giving the average American the same chances she had. How is she going to do that? Seminars on trading in cattle futures? Maybe how to setup a large scale chicken farm with her moneyed friends?

Her term as secretary of state was a disaster. She chose to intervene in Libya and not to confront ISIS. She made a big deal out of pressing a big red reset button with Vladimir Putin, who reset Russian expansionism.

As far as her policies, it would be better to look at whatever Bernie Sanders said two weeks ago. That's assuming she really means what she says and what the definition of is is.

Comment People who say (Score 1) 240

'You're either part of the solution or part of the problem' are the problem.

I'm so glad that the El Nino is fading. The Warmistas certainly enjoyed the last year. Finally some warming to talk about. Statistically it's rather small and insignificant, and they had to cool the past again, but it's there. Now they have their fingers and toes crossed hoping that the slight rebound in Artic ice will take a nosedive. Where's the next major conference? Somewhere nice I'm guessing.

Comment Re:And get off my lawn (Score 1) 702

Octavia wrote the first Sci Fi book I ever read, Patternmaster. Not particularly great, but I still remember the plot and the characters.

As far as Heinlein politics, I don't think they are consistent in his works. Starship Troopers was marshall law, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress was ultra capitalism and Stranger in a Strange Land was kind of communal, hippie style. His characters had politics.

Comment A list of introductory books would work (Score 1) 180

Instead of asking what are the best works in all of sci fi, better to ask what are the best works of sci fi authors.

Heinlein: Starship Troopers, Moon is a Harsh Mistress (although for younger reader I would recommend The Rolling Stones or Orphans of the Sky)
Brin: Startide Rising, The Postman, Uplift Wars
Asimov: Foundation trilogy, I Robot
Cherryh: Cuckoo's Egg, Cyteen
Banks: Excession, Player of Games, Feersum Enjin
Niven/Pournelle: The Mote in God's Eye, Legacy of Heorot

It's still subjective, but you'll get a better list. If I am trying to find something new to read, I will look over the Hugo and Nebula nominees. Most of the time the same books will appear on both lists. I saw a couple of red flags on the sites listed in the summary. One had 'Consider Phlebas' as the only Banks book on the list. It's not a bad book, but I wouldn't say it was one of his best. Also, the same list had 'The Color of Magic' as the only Pratchett book. I definitely wouldn't recommend that as the first book to introduce someone to the Disk World series.

Comment Pournelle maybe (Score 2) 702

Read Stranger in a Strange Land or To Sail Beyond the Sunset and then get back to us. Heinlein, like every human ever, was a product of his times and a lot of his juvenile works (including Starship Troopers) were written as serials, often to specifications by the publisher. A lot of his later novels are not right wing at all.

It is the hubris of the living to cast shade on the morality of the past.

Comment And get off my lawn (Score 2) 702

Two of my favorite authors died recently, Pratchett and Banks. I still have about 5 Banks books, although none of them are science fiction. I have about 8 Pratchett books left. I'm not going to stop reading and saying there is a shortage of good authors is about stupid. I remember a flame war on the old SciFi Weekly site where some idiot said women can't write. I listed off about 8 women who can hold their own with any man, and I didn't even include Heinlein. The Sad Puppy website that someone posted didn't seem to have any overt political overtones. It seemed more like a bunch of nerds talking about what books they read that they liked. I'll probably go back and write some names down after I finish off the last of my Pratchett and Banks books.

I remember when the Hugo and Nebula would award the same book with their awards. I can't think of one book that did win that after reading didn't appear to deserve it.

Comment Warming good, cooling bad (Score 1, Troll) 257

Is there 97% consensus on that 90% or is that just a few studies? Was there 97% consensus on the Arctic being ice free? What year is that going to be, I've heard so many predictions from the 97% that I'm not sure anymore. How about New York, Holland, Florida being underwater? You'd think someone could post some satellite images of these events.

If this year is hotter than last year, and therefore the hottest evah, it won't be by much and will probably be accomplished by cooling some of those previous hottest years evah. I can't think of any other discipline that routinely alters the records of the past as much as climate science. Is there a limit to the tweaks that are made? I know there are some data sets that have been so thoroughly altered that the original data may no longer be available.

Comment Truthiness (Score 1) 114

"...his stories about seeing Muslims celebrating in the streets as the WTC collapsed are demonstrably false"

There were Muslims dancing in the street during and after 9/11. Maybe not in New Jersey, or even on US soil, but they were certainly dancing in the streets of several of the Islamic countries. Funny that the only religion to have entire countries and regions under their theocratic thumb are Islamic. Except maybe Vatican City and Israel, although one is really an oligarchy and the other is a democracy.

Comment What consensus? (Score 1) 795

The key points are:

Climate sensitivity to CO2
Longevity of CO2 in the atmosphere
Positive feedbacks
Natural variability

None of which are known except that the current guestimates don't match reality. They certainly don't match the predictions from Hansen, Mann and Gore.

All the rest is just bollocks. Studies about studies are bollocks. Meta-studies about studies about studies are bollocks. Climate science is an embarrassment. Lost records, withheld data, pal review, gobs of money being thrown at it, global conferences in really nice places, mansions on the beach, private fucking planes, grants going to family members, etc. Run by the same body that puts totalitarian governments on their Human Rights Commission.


Comment Let's consider then (Score 4, Insightful) 503

Trump says he will build a wall on our southern border and enforce our immigration laws.
Trump says he will enforce the H1B program in the way it was intended instead of allowing foreign workers to take American jobs.
Trump says he will halt immigration of Islamists until we can be sure they are not radicalized.
Trump says he will allow health insurance companies to compete across state lines and take other measures to make health care affordable.
Trump says he will renegotiate trade pacts that do not favor the United States.
Trump says he will reform the VA and ensure our vets get the care they were promised.

Maybe you can actually post some more things he said about what he is going to do. Those seem to be the main things that I've heard. Not sure what is so scary about any of that.

This election for me is about the rule of law. Either we are a country where everyone is equal under the law and laws have to be obeyed, or we are not. It's as simple as that. All the talk about Trump being a fascist is way off base. Trump doesn't have a fascist organization behind him. He's got no brown shirts or brigades, it's just the democratic process and some people reckoning that at least he might do some of things he has promised.

If nothing else, a Trump presidency would shake up the Washington first virus that has infected both parties.

Comment 99% - WTF (Score 2) 416

It's 97% and even that figure is bunk, based on a flawed analysis that excluded the vast majority of studies and then hand-picked through the rest with a bias that even global warming supporters recognize.

This is not FUD, these are open questions that the 97% gloss over:

The heat trapping effects of CO2 -- somewhere between .5 and 2 -- where .5 means a slight warming and 2 means Earth is on a path to become like Venus
The half life of CO2 in the atmosphere -- somewhere between 30 yrs and 1000 yrs -- probably can get 99% with that spread
The availability of new CO2 sinks -- somewhere between none and more than enough -- another tent pole that can fit 99%
The effects of feedbacks -- somewhere between all negative and all positive -- yay consensus science that can mean anything

The skeptics are doing more to answer these questions then the so-called scientists who are busy covering their collective asses because nature hasn't cooperated and produced scary hockey sticks or flooding of coastal regions. Instead they keep floating out new adjustments to produce the warmest year ever even if it is only by a few tenths of a degree and within the error bars.

The funniest thing about all of this is how a few skeptics pointing out the large flaws can produce such vitriol and FUD, of which this paper is just the latest.

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