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Comment Sweden seems to have problem with justice system (Score 0) 250

This, and Assange's case clearly show that there is something wrong with Swedish justice system. These arrests must have been influenced/initiated/forced by politicians.

In a healthy country, justice system is independent, that also should apply to law enforcement system to some extent.

We criticize Russia for Pussy Riot case, but we have similar problem in Western Europe as it seems.

Comment This is advertisement, not a story (Score 3, Interesting) 244

It doesn't say anything about how this actually works and how it differs from existing solutions. And, hey, most developers aware of SQL injection / XSS etc already protect their apps. Rails has got both, PHP frameworks have, Java had it since like for ever (2001?). What's the point of this article?


Dr. NakaMats Is the World's Most Prolific Inventor 194

MMBK writes to share an interesting look at Dr. "NakaMats" Nakamatsu, mastermind behind a world-record 3,000 patents. The 81-year-old scientist has inventions like the "PyonPyon" spring shoes, the karaoke machine, and others. He's also at least partly to blame for things like the digital watch, the floppy disk, and CDs. "Dr. Nakamatsu harbors other ambitions too: in 2007, he took his penchant for political campaigning to a new level, becoming a candidate in the gubernatorial election in Tokyo, and the election for the Upper House. Although he failed to get a seat, Dr. NakaMats has other tricks up his sleeve. In 2005 he was awarded the Ig Nobel prize for Nutrition, for photographing and retrospectively analyzing every meal he has consumed during a period of 34 years (and counting). By the time he dies at the age of 144 (a goal he maintains with an elaborate daily ritual that rejuvenates his body and triggers his creative process), he intends to patent 6,000 inventions."

Submission + - How do I keep my privacy while using Google? 5

hubert.lepicki writes: I use Google all the time. I keep two GMail tabs open when I browse Internet (one is private, another corporate account), I use Google search and recently I switched to Chromium browser. Google's services are fast, easy to use and usually reliable. At the same time I know Google is tracking everything I do, I can see it in search results or their ads on web pages, that tend to match my interests. After recent article posted on private blog by Mozilla's community director (, I started to... "google" ways of keeping my private data safe while browsing and using Google services. The results weren't very helpful (what a supprise), so I ask you — Slashdotters: how do I stay anonymous to Google while using their services?

Comment Re:Sweet but... (Score 1) 79

Err... not sure why CNQ3 is any better?

Voice chat support - ioquake has it.

True multiplatform (Sparc/Linux/Solaris/Windows) - got it.

Good performance on Linux - checked.

I didn't use CNQ3 to be honest and you brought my attention. Could you please explain to me why it's any better than ioquake3? Me and my bored sysamdim colleagues will be happy to hear ;).

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