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Comment Re:RPN FTW (Score 1) 359

The keys are not as nice, but certainly not squishy. The button feel of the 48G is near perfect. The 50G tried too hard to look and feel like a TI calc. The 50G is really sluggish when responding to commands, even after the key timing fix. It will drive you mad at first, until you get used to it. I wish HP would fix this.

I have a 48G and a 50G. I bought the 50G after the 48G took a swan dive out of a third story window. It survived (I doubt the 50G would). But I didn't want to chance losing it. The 48G stays at home and the 50G stays at work now.

Your 48SX is still better. The 50G is certainly a capable calculator, but it's got a lot to live up to. The only calculator ever made that could claim to be better than the HP 48S/SX/G/GX was the HP 15C, and even that is comparing RPN apples to RPN oranges.

Comment I thought the whole idea JMS had... (Score 1) 252

I thought the whole idea JMS had, was to not turn B5 into a franchise. I mean, isn't the whole point of a reboot to help milk, oops, I mean revive a dying franchise?

(I really mean milk it for all the cash they can get from the suckers. I was cynical to begin with, but I'm a lot more jaded after watching what J.J. Abrams did to Star Trek).

Comment Re:Clearly, we need to SPEND MORE MONEY! (Score 1) 688

Yes, but where is that money going?

Winston Brooks, superintendent for Albuquerque Public Schools, makes $250k a year as of 2013. APS teachers averaged closer to $43k last year. According to CNN Money the poverty rate (lowest 15% of income) in 2013 was on the order of $51k nationwide.

Um, according to the article you cited, $51K was the median household income in the US in 2013, not the poverty line. FTA: "Those making $23,492 a year for a family of four, or $11,720 for an individual were considered to be living in poverty."

Comment Blaming the cables? (Score 3, Insightful) 476

I'd think the batteries would be the problem. Running serious current through the wires should keep them warm even in cold weather. Plus, conductivity should go up with colder temperature.

Now the batteries on the other hand.... Batteries don't hold charge very well in the cold. It's been one of the two big problems for electric cars since the 19th century.

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