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Comment Re:Because Cisco would never do such a thing (Score 0) 392

Cisco is not mentioned because Iran would not have bought there 1990s implementation of DPI. Nokia and Siemens are leaders at this, Cisco routes and tells it board that it does all things. We all know otherwise, Cisco routes, oh yeah and they can switch. Iran could not control the (Iranian) internet without Nokia.

Comment Re:Sounds bytes (Score 0) 287

I agree about the topic being poison and it being a little too early for the administration to risk any poison. Obama has the chance to change the worlds view of America, but he must have political capital to do so. Yes, legalizing pot would gain him capital from some, but they would be people who buy,sell or smoke it and for the most part do not even pay taxes on it. Touching that issue would be to squander his ability to affect change, I for one am glad that he does not touch it at this time.

Comment Only internal traffic could be safe (Score 0) 174

As last weeks story pointed out, the Iranians have created a single choke point for traffic. TOR traffic can be recognized by flows and even easier by an application aware firewall/IDS. The points where the TOR traffic comes into the country, each of those nodes risks physical detection. It is not known how much monitoring of internal traffic goes on, so perhaps it is safe for this but not for traffic outside the country.
The worst thing about this is that if internal traffic is well monitored they can map networks of TOR operators. The government creates an event worth mass twittering and watches the traffic going to the egress TOR routers, that helps them identify 1 layer away from the border. They then repeat that with each new host found until they have an accurate map of the TORosphere.

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