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Comment Re:only 4 hours sleep a night (Score 1) 354

Well I am going to be broke one way or the other. If I choose health insurance, I can't pay off my loans and I go broke. If I don't choose health insurance, and if I get sick I will end up with a large amount of debt. So I am taking my chances without health insurance, after all whats life without a bit of risk? And I don't think the Military is the kind of risk I am looking for.

Comment Re:only 4 hours sleep a night (Score 0, Troll) 354

educated 22 year old with a decent computer job here, I have no health care, by choice, and I am quite glad I don't have to pay for others to have health care with my taxes. The money I make has to pay for my loans, and to help my retired mom. No one is in the perfect situation. For those of you that get 8+ hours of sleep a night, Congrats! I have a good job, but with that job comes 24 on call support, so sleep is a distant memory.

Submission + - Where are all the young eligible bachelors?

Candice DCruz writes: "Where are all the young eligible bachelors? Is there a dearth of them in this gigantic wide world? Apparently so! If going by the statistics of RichOrBeautiful.com, the revolutionary website that offers dating services to the rich and/or beautiful people, it has been observed that the website has more of single rich and/or beautiful women as members rather than men. This comes as a complete surprise as usually, in most dating websites, we find more young rich, handsome men signing up to search for their better half.

So, RichOrBeautiful.com invites rich and/or handsome single men to be part of this big e-roof of rich and beautiful people. At present the website has an elite clientele, which includes millionaires, CEOs, doctors, lawyers, models, actors etc, who just happen to be mostly women. If this is not enough reason to lure those rich, beautiful men, then what is? At RichOrBeautiful.com, men can expect to meet the most beautiful women, who are not just beauty without brains. The fact that more rich women are signing up, goes to show they are not just earning well, but also able to stay rich. Now surely a man with in search of a wife, or even a simple date, would love to associate with a smart, intelligent woman, who just happens to also be beautiful. What more could a man ask for? So, calling all those eligible bachelors! Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to meet the woman of your dreams. Who knows, you might just find your perfect partner!

So how does RichOrBeautiful.com really work?

For all those who consider themselves 'rich', that is, their earnings are more than USD 150,000 per annum or have assets of at least USD 750,000 they can simply select the "Rich" category when creating their profile. Once they have created an account for themselves, they can upload their photograph and begin to use the services of RichOrBeautiful.com. Some of the services include chatting with other members, and browsing through other profiles. They can even vote for a new Beautiful Member Prospect. So, the "Rich" are automatically approved as members on this site.

For those who consider themselves 'beautiful', after creating their account and selecting their category as "Beautiful", they need to upload their photograph. As beauty cannot be quantified, existing members, that is, those members with Rich Member Status, vote on the beauty factor to approve the membership of a prospective member. They can vote for the prospective member for the next 4 days. If the votes are not in favour, the prospect is automatically declined. However, if the votes are in favour, that is, the prospective member gets 4 or 5 votes then he/she is given FREE membership to join the group, having the Beautiful Member Status.

About RichOrBeautiful.com

RichOrBeautiful.com is dating website that caters to the rich and/or the beautiful.

Contact Details

Website: www.richorbeautiful.com


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