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Comment Re:For a few dollars a month (Score 3, Insightful) 121

On your second point re: leaving your wifi open, you'll probably find your end legislation looks similar to what we've had put in in NZ, where you, as the 'account holder' are responsible for all activity under your account, so "My wifi was open. It was someone else", won't work.

The seedbox though, yes.

Comment In my experience (Score 1) 1397

The two most common naming conventions are:

* As used by *nix admin/engineers - Muppets or Sesame St characters
* As used by Windows admin/engineers - Location-function-number ...I hate it when I come across mail servers called 'Grover'. Grrrrnnnngggggg!!!!

Comment Compete on price (Score 2, Interesting) 361

What I don't understand is, why Microsoft hasn't (That I have seen) tried to compete on the Zune's price with the iPod. Every time I've ever looked at a Zune, it has always been more expensive than an iPod. As stated, Microsoft won't be able to compete on the 'cool' factor. But essentially, what is a Zune or an iPod? It is the size and capacity of these devices that has always been a winner.

In New Zealand (Where Zunes aren't available), you can't really get a high capacity (Over say 8/16 GB) portable media player at a reasonable price, other than an iPod. So if you're after a large capacity, small portable media device, you'll look at your options:

1) Does it play MP3s? (And this would now be, Does it play video. h.264 MPEG-4 has won that battle, so don't try to fight a format war).

2) Which is the cheapest one that supports the features I want?

Microsoft needed to under cut Apple on the price. They have deep enough pockets.

Comment Re:You could roll your own. (Score 1) 517

Uh. Let me report my experiences with my Netgear ReadyNAS NV+. Pull it out of the box. Turn it on. Some basic config to get it talking to Active Directory. Copy data. Set up some shares. Check ACLs. Rock and roll. Had a single drive failure at one stage. Simply replaced the drive.

Prior to this I was hosting the files on a Windows Server 2003 SBS box. Oh look. A new patch for Notepad *reboot*. And don't try to tell me the problem was I was using Windows. I restart my Ubuntu workstation fairly frequently as well. The NAS has been restarted twice in eight months (Both times because it was being moved).

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