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Microsoft To Offer Free Anti-Virus Software 448

Dynamoo writes "The good news is that Microsoft have announced free anti-virus software for consumers, dubbed Morro, available late next year. The bad news is ... well, exactly the same. Although Microsoft's anti-malware products are pretty good, this move could drive many competitors out of business and create a dangerous security monoculture; major rivals will be lawyering up already. On the other hand, many malware infections could be prevented even by basic software. So is this going to be a good or bad thing overall?"

How To Build a Web 2.0 Government? 249

UltraAyla writes "With the announcement that President-Elect Obama will record his weekly address as a YouTube video to be posted at, questions arise as to how an Internet-fueled candidacy based in part on a platform of government openness can begin to use technology to make government transparent. Aside from popular Slashdot policies, such as Net Neutrality, how do you think government (either in the United States or elsewhere) can best utilize technology to engage the public and make government more transparent and accessible?" Reader Rick Zeman points out a related New York Times story about how Obama will have to give up some of his communications gadgets because of the Presidential Records Act. Despite that, he apparently hopes to be the first US president to have a laptop on his desk in the Oval Office.

Aging Baby Boomers Spawn New Tech Markets 119

PreacherTom writes "With the generation of Baby Boomers starting to enter their 60's, 75 million Americans will cross that line in the next 20 years. For the first time, though, this group will be composed of people who have grown up with technology. Enter a new industry: tech for the elderly that provides greater independence and better health, with an eye to users' privacy and dignity. Some examples (with pictures) would be the Pill Pets, stuffed animals with LCD's that tell their owners when to take their medicine, and Aware Car, which provides electronic warning systems to compensate for losses in reflexes." A national coalition, the Center for Aging Services Technologies, was established in 2003. Intel is doing some imaginative work in the area of assistive technology.
User Journal

Journal Journal: My Freaks...

I don't check very often but I just did today and I had both my first fans, and my first Freaks....

this was shocking to me...why?
am I that intersting that some people who I don't know value my comments over that of the average person?

and am I that stupid to others that they wish to avoid my comments over all others?

to be honest, I don't see how my comments matter all that much.

User Journal

Journal Journal: nothing to say...

OK ususally people start blogging to keep a record of there thoughts ....or so everyone they know can just read what there up to saves typing lots of emails....

none of that applies to me
I rarely have good idea's
and nobody really cares about my day to day activities...hell I don't care about my day to day activities.....

User Journal

Journal Journal: ummm...Hello World

yah so I've been thinking about puting a blog. on my site....
I figure I'll try the ./ journal and shit first

see if I'm actually going to use it for a while....or if its even any use to yah this is a Quite LAME ....FIRST POST!!!

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