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Comment Summary is somewhat misleading (Score 1) 1592

Remain wasn't undermined by poor results in the north of England. The vast majority of England, with the notable exceptions of London, Oxfordshire (Oxford University) and a few others, voted to leave.

This has been an interesting vote, to say the least. Essentially, as a friend put it, England has finally voted for unity in Ireland and Scottish independence.

Submission + - The Power to Choose Your Energy Reaches far Beyond Cost (

An anonymous reader writes: Deregulation in the state of Texas has brought with it a unique opportunity for consumers. Prior to 2002, energy consumers in Texas could only get electricity from one place: their local utility

Submission + - SPAM: Britain Votes To Leave The European Union

cold fjord writes: In a national referendum of enormous consequence the people of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland have voted to leave the European Union by a margin of 51.8% to 48.2% with 95% of the votes counted in a record turnout of 72.2% of the electorate. The consequences of the U.K. leaving the E.U. will unfold over a period of years and Europeans are left wondering if Britain will be the only country to leave the E.U., or only the first. With this decision comes reports that Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland and the SNP in Scotland will be calling for dissolving their union with the United Kingdom. The future of the current Prime Minister, David Cameron, is uncertain. The British Pound has taken a beating. But Britain is now moving into a very different future from the one it appeared to have just yesterday, able to make choices independent from Brussels.
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Submission + - Uber Promotes Kitten Escort Service (

retroworks writes: No, it's not the Onion, and it isn't April Fools. Forbes Magazine reports a test market of "kitten delivery" (today only, according to TFA).

If you just want to cuddle, you can order a kitten escorted by a participating Uber driver for up to 15 minutes.

If nothing else, will this service allow Uber to expand in markets which ban human taxi competition? Or will concern over kitten trafficking spoil the venture?

Submission + - The Rise of Political Doxing (

An anonymous reader writes: Security guru Bruce Schneier predicts a new trend in hacking: political doxing. He points to the recent hack of CIA director Jack Brennan's personal email account and notes that it marks a shift in the purpose of email hacking: "Here, the attacker had a more political motive. He wasn't out to intimidate Brennan; he simply wanted to embarrass him. His personal papers were dumped indiscriminately, fodder for an eager press." Schneier continues, "As people realize what an effective attack this can be, and how an individual can use the tactic to do considerable damage to powerful people and institutions, we're going to see a lot more of it. ... In the end, doxing is a tactic that the powerless can effectively use against the powerful."

Submission + - How a group of neighbors created their own Internet service (

An anonymous reader writes: Faced with a local ISP that couldn’t provide modern broadband, Orcas Island residents designed their own network and built it themselves. The nonprofit Doe Bay Internet Users Association (DBIUA), founded by Sutton, Brems, and a few friends, now provide Internet service to a portion of the island. It’s a wireless network with radios installed on trees and houses in the Doe Bay portion of Orcas Island. Those radios get signals from radios on top of a water tower, which in turn receive a signal from a microwave tower across the water in Mount Vernon, Washington.

Submission + - Adobe using Digital Editions v4 to spy on readers 1

An anonymous reader writes: Adobe has taken their Digital Editions ePUB software to new lows, using it to spy on reading habits, transmitting data on ePUBs back to Adobe in plain text, regardless of whether you've actually opened them in ADE. Aside from the huge breach of trust, their lack of encryption leaves all the data open to interception. Apparently this pesky thing called privacy is only a suggestion.

Submission + - EU Libraries Can Digitize Books Without Publisher Consent (

jfruh writes: An advisor to the EU's top court says that European libraries can create digital copies of books without having to acquire an agreement with the books' publishers — but there are a number of restrictions to this right. The digital copies can only be used on terminals in the libraries themselves, and must be actually created by the libraries, not merely downloaded from an already available eBook.

Comment Re:13 deaths? (Score 1) 518

How about you just require the cameras in the vehicles with the worst problems: SUVs, minivans and pickups? The blindzone for a regular car is very small, and reliance on a video screen for those cars probably won't help much; SUVs have the highest number of rollover accidents, followed by pickups, vans and finally passenger cars (in last place). The current law seems like a very expensive undertaking for the most part.

Comment Re:But that's not the real problem. (Score 1) 1651

they assume they are free to ride on sidewalks, run red lights and stop signs, etc. etc. mostly because there is zero enforcement of these laws, too.

Are you talking about the car drivers too? I see everything except driving on sidewalks on a regular basis. I can't count the number of times - as a pedestrian - I've almost been hit by a car going through a red light, turning right on red and trying to drive through the people crossing the road with their signal, or running a stop sign, all of which seems to happen with zero enforcement of the law. And then when the city wants to put in red light cameras to stop people doing that, people scream about their constitutional rights. (*My* constitutional right to not get hit by the aforementioned idiots seems to go unnoticed.)

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