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Comment Re:I am sorry for your expensive slow connections. (Score 1) 208

I'm guessing Bucharest? It's not necessarily indicative of the whole continent. In France where I live we were too far from a dslam to get anything above 7mbit until the fibre rolled in this January. Much of europe's infrastructure is good, but a lot is old and needs to be upgraded, just as it has to be in the states: a much bigger country anyway.

Comment Missing option: Optical Drives (Score 1) 307

I've had the worst of luck with optical drives, especially in laptops. My previous two laptops went through a grand combination of two *each*. My previous desktop's dvd burner failed, as did the desktop before that. Granted I did use the drives a lot, but still. Thankfully they're not that necessary anymore. Also power supplies, but not nearly as bad as the optical drives. I've had pretty good luck with HDDs.

Comment Re:Apparently regulation is "socialist" (Score 1) 312

In Paris, after using the local taxis several times, and after experiencing the horrifically rude drivers. I swore them off in favor of Uber. Now, France is trying to do the same thing as Germany (at the behest of the existing monopoly of asshole taxis). What you're witnessing here is the preservation of a state granted monopoly on sub-par service, not any real protection of the consumer. Personally, I prefer Uber's system when higher rated drivers get priority and users rate their rides to one where I have no choice, one where the state had made the decision for me (with predictably bad results). After all, what is the incentive to be a nice guy to your customers if they have no choice in choosing you.

Comment Re:GOG discovers DOSBOX works on Linux (Score 1) 81

Small scale piracy, yes, but not large scale. The scene dudes at that time just compressed the audio assets using lossy compression and/or removed the videos entirely. They then wrote their own installers to decompress the assets. Maybe 5 games or more on a CD-R using this technique. I used to buy them in Romania for about 5-10 USD a piece from street vendors.

Comment Re:let me correct that for you. (Score 1) 619

You're incredibly naive if you think that there is a society or a species that is inherently altruistic. Our survival required being selfish and this is the basis of our evolution as a species. Even other species, such as wolves, will fight over resources. The strong survive. The weak die. Countless generations of this have resulted in who we are and it is completely futile to fight it. Greed is in our nature and it is to our collective benefit that we acknowledge this "unfortunate" fact and take advantage of it. Capitalism is the only system that does. The rest only pretend to deliver equality while in reality setting the stage for inevitable tyranny. There is a reason a strong central state doesn't work. It's comprised of people who are greedy. No matter how altruistic they pretend to be, it is in their nature to maintain that power and dominate others. Power doesn't corrupt, it just allows us to express the inner person we all are but wish we weren't. It's better this power be restricted, which is why a constitutional republic, governed by law rather than humanity, will always be superior to those moral busybodies who claim themselves to have our best interest in heart.

Comment Re:UF***D (Score 2) 123

Believe it or not, Half Life 2 and episodes are DRM free and can be run without Steam. Lots of steam games don't have DRM. Steam is simply a distrobution platform that provides optional DRM that actually works pretty well. On top of all this, Steam's family sharing even lets you share your games with family and friends. The only games that don't work with family sharing are those with additional DRM on top, like Uplay, GFWL, Rockstar, etc. because they require a secondary login and the key can only be registered to one account.

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