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Comment Re:Think (Score 1) 170

I have an even better idea. It's called "Watch". Every hour it reminds you to stop and watch your wrist, stare at your watch. That way you can remember how much money you wasted on a watch.

I like your idea. I think I am going to develop an app called "Watch the Watchers". Every hour it will tell you to stop and watch the watchers watching their watches. We gonna be rich, sir.

Comment Going with Windows was the biggest fail (Score 2) 161

The Finnish government is just naive as is usual. Nothing new there. There was plenty of talks of data centers but I guess it was just the desperate grasping the straws in hopes of getting some crumbs. Whatever.

As for Nokia, going with Windows Phones was maybe the biggest mistake they could ever have made, and plenty of Finns were happy to point that out when it happened. Of course, Finns tend to complain about everything, so that does not necessarily mean anything. But Nokia had a very long time to get into the software ecosystem field, get a proper OS out, branch into Android among other things and so on. The top management just couldn't handle the transition to software side from hardware focus. This was evident years before with all the crap of Symbian never developing into anything reasonable (as in ecosystems, app development, etc.), and all other manufacturers abandoning it over time. The number of OS's Nokia worked on and never finishing any to a decent degree also tells enough. Even with hugely smaller resources, Jolla managed to put something usable out the door. Presumably because no-one was constantly throwing roadblocks at them within the company.

While hiring Elop and committing corporate suicide via WP was horrible, the later sale of Nokia mobiles to Microsoft is generally seen in Finland as a great move. Nokia management finally recognized MS and WP was a fast sinking ship, they had stacked the wrong boat, and they had to get out fast. So they managed to sell the burnt out corpse of a platform, along with its arsonist captain Elop, to MS for 5+billion and used that to get stronger on the network side. Of course, with the ongoing virtualization of network side to sfotware, and strong push from Huawei etc., who knows how that will end. But at least it is not consumer software.

Also some of the MS Mobile people in Finland have been offered positions in Seattle/US. But I guess they pick the best of the best, but so would I and anyone with any sense. What else?

Just sayin'.

Comment why would you simulate your universe (Score 1) 830

if you can simulate whatever you want, and there are infinite set of races (and their race-conditions harhar) simulating infinite whatevers (nested it seems), why would they be simulating some "exact" copy of their own universe (other than to find out something interesting, but lets not get boring shall we)?

why not just simulate bob the builder building a house in greendale, with postman pat and his black'n'white cat driving around helping everyone. gosh, that is a much happier place after all.

Comment a cunning plan (Score 1) 182

This is obviously a cunning plan to profile them nerds better. If your average slashdotter has ghostery, adblock, etc. installed and use google without logging in, how do you profile them. You give them the elusive chance of hitting Google Foobar and have them log in for every query. Cause then you could brag to your friends (assuming you have friends..) you got invited. Whooppee :P. Now, where is my Google login button..

Comment who gets the fine? (Score 1) 236

So just a silly little question came to my mind thinking about why would the police tell your car to pull over. If the police officer wants to give you a fine for some driving related issue, whose fault is it? Who gets the ticket? For example, maybe your self-driving car was just speeding (cause it missed the speed sign or whatever). Do you get the ticket or does your car get the ticket? If the car gets the ticket, does it then have to provide an Uber service for the night while you are sleeping to pay for it? Who compensates you for the wear due to this etc.. ANd so on.. :D

Comment Re:faint whiff of BS? (Score 1) 304

No idea how it might work. But if its anything like the TPM stuff the compewter would hold some chip with keys you could not access except by running the funcitonality stored on the chip that has access to the internal keys. You then use that to decrypt the video. Which would have to be encoded to your key. Perhaps it has some specific key to communicate with MS, who uses the chip public key to send you some AES type symmetric key with the video. Then you could only look at it with the compewter that has the chip. Of course, once your compewter blows you could forget the videos, or watching them on any other system. Unless you could register several and the video would be encoded for all those keys.

Just making stuff up here, not that I know..

Comment Re:I think people do not understand how deep it is (Score 1) 192

But on a smart card, asymmetric cryptography can be used. The private key is generated by the chip on user request. It is not supposed to leak outside of the device.

It is not supposed to leak outside, and generally there is also no reason to have the private key outside the chip. The use cases are different. So in most cases there should be no (intended) way to get the keys from the chip anyway. And at no point should they have been stored anywhere, by Gemalto or anyone. If talking about secure elements such as TPM and not SIM cards that is..

Comment Re:Beware coverage tools (Score 1) 169

A code coverage tool is useful to find the parts of the code not tested at all. As long as you remember that, it is a great tool (assuming it is free and easy to deploy). If you think achieving enough code coverage alone is all you need then you lose. But even in that case if you did not have the code coverage tool, you would probably just test even less.

Once sufficient code coverage is achieved, I would look at the interesting cases and if necessary just build a simple test generator to generate tests and track the achieved coverage in terms of combinations of these. Even here the code coverage is useful to have to show you someone implemented something "interesting" that you are never testing since it is undocumented..

So. Not the perfect tool but can be useful.

Comment maybe getting the degree really is the easy part? (Score 1) 479

thats what they say, right? that getting the degree is the easy part, and the morning after when you wake up not knowing what to do with the rest of your life is the hangover.. :)

anyway, where are you looking? country, state, etc.? any specific skills? i understand you don't want to mention location and phd topic as that would be naming yourself but some information would be ... interesting :)

i did my phd some years back and while i am currently employed, looks like i will be looking soon. and interesting jobs are few, development jobs always ask for some very specific technologies that you don't have deep expertise if you didn't work in that specific industry in that area past few years, etc. so if you are able to move, maybe looking a bit farther helps. with a phd it seems there are few jobs and those are always far away. maybe if you can sell yourself as someone with abilities to learn, do research, come up with (innovative) solutions without someone giving a detailed spec, etc. some place they might like it. for example, google job ads often mention phd as a plus. but i have no idea if that matters where you are at.

anyway, interesting topic as i guess i will be there in the future. and sure, networking is the best way to do it if you can, but also depends on your local situation. and it seems the more distance you want to go, the thinner is the network. but of course, then you can look wider. if you are just yourself with no other ties, now would be a great time to go..

Comment Re:HALO (Score 1) 368

also, if you take away the minecraft client, what are people left with? running your own pseudo-legal bukkit server with no client to play it with? i suppose the old versions might work but no new shinies as in the updated xbox versions, and ms could probably use some minecraft licensing issues to ban old plugins and whatnot..

Comment Re:I don't know about the android store, but (Score 1) 321

you can do this with android as well, with google play "gift cards". they are not available in many countries at this time though.

i give the kids a small amount of cash a week if they have done their part. they can then save this up and buy an itunes or google play gift card. after that, they can put that on their ipad/android store and use it as they wish. i still need to enter the password for them and look at what they are spending it and ask if they really are sure about buying those 5 items for $10 of some in app purchase for some garbage i am sure they will never look at again in a week. their choice though, and not possible to overspend.

but certainly i can see many parents in a hurry just slapping the CC there and telling the kids to sit quietly..


Comment poopoo (Score 2) 876

It's because you can create useful domain specific languages for very narrow domains and have people draw their little programs with that. Works great. But when you need anything outside that very little narrow domain, you need a general purpose programming language to do it. The less you narrow your domain the closer you get to the general purpose stuff and then it is pointless any more. And fancy graphics just get in the way at that point.

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