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Submission + - League of Legends Joins the Fight Against SOPA and (

mmaniaci writes: "Yesterday, Riot Games (the makers of the PC game League of Legends) announced their opposition for SOPA and PROTECT IP on their in-game news feed and forum. The article goes on to explain how SOPA and PROTECTIP would affect their players, and contains a link to the EFF's anti-SOPA action page."

Submission + - Excessive video gaming related to mental health, b

An anonymous reader writes: As reported in The Australian the preliminary results of a nine-month global study have been released which indicate excessive gaming (also called video game addiction), has a strong relationship with mental health, but little relationship to functioning at work, study and in major relationships. Excessive gamers showed higher rates of stress, anxiety and particularly depression, when compared to their more balanced counterparts. However, functioning and satisfaction with major life domains, including working, studying and relationships, were roughly the same, with excessive gamers performing better academically. The early results also suggest excessive gamers have different coping styles, showing higher avoidance coping and lower approach coping, indicating they tend to distract or avoid their problems more than balanced gamers. These higher rates of mental illness symptoms, with no difference in functioning, combined with the coping style differences, points to excessive video game playing being a possible coping mechanism for mental health problems. Whether these problems result from video game play, or are a precursor, will be investigated during the final longitudinal data analysis. Excessive gaming was defined based on characteristics of the behaviour resembling an addiction, including tolerance, withdrawal, negative consequences, conflict and repeated failures to cut back or stop playing. The study is global, ongoing and can be found here —

Submission + - 200 Chinese Workers Erect 30 Story Building in 15 (

An anonymous reader writes: Broad Sustainable Building – a subsidiary of the BroadGroup construction company – has broken their previous record of constructing a 15 storey building in one week with their latest project in Hunan Province. Not only did BSB get the T30 Hotel up in 15 days or 360 hours (with the help of 200 super speedy construction workers), but the company claims that their 17,000 square meter tower is 5 times more energy efficient than the competition and generates a fraction of the waste.

Submission + - OpenStack steps towards its Foundation future (

LinuxScribe writes: In October, Rackspace announced it would be moving the OpenStack cloud hosting project to a foundation-style form of governance. Today the company is following through on its commitment by launching a series of public discussions on the new OpenStack Foundation's mission and (soon) the structure of the new organization.

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