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Comment ... and so does twitter ... (Score 2) 293

... and many other apps. No idea why they really need those permissions just so users don't need to copy over a verification number. This is ridiculous... i wonder if they did research what more users would accept.. having their app require the permission to read *all* SMS .. or just requiring the user to occasionally type a one time password from the SMS app into the twitter/facebook/whatever app.

this is really something android has to solve.. something like optional permissions for the lazy users who really want to have that single features which requires all your personal data.. it's not just as a user, but it's also annoying as a developer - i could obviously also just make the user download 3 different apps for each functionality, and have fine grained permissions this way, but this can't be the best solution..

Comment Re:I'm 40 and what is this? (Score 1) 112

i guess the main features was an open, distributed protocol (like xmpp) where everyone could set up a server.. try that with a google docs..
in addition i think it allowed adding much more "rich" widgets with their own set of features.. so i guess you could get wave as a combination of google drive (real time editing) and google hangouts (various real time widgets) .. except that part that it was supposed to have an openly documented protocol..

Comment anyone who does NOT know any prior art? (Score 1) 196

i imagine most even coded it themselves.. billmonk, splitwise, or even my own implementation at to name a few ;-) maybe it's just me, but nowadays there are dozens of services out there, even mobile apps of some bank institutes start adding this functionality to remember social debts & split bills. it got quite crowded after billmonk has been down every few minutes and ultimately got sold..

Comment Re:Free market anyone? (Score 3, Insightful) 195

wouldn't it be a more of a free market, if companies could hire world wide, without control of the government (ie. without the restriction to hire US employees)?
I think arguing with "free market" for preventing immigration is really a bit strange.. so in a free market IT wages would significantly drop, because there is no shortage of good educated IT personal willing to immigrate .. (until the wages aren't high enough any more to be motivation enough obviously..)

Comment Re:Not-so-accurate source (Score 1) 487

well, sometimes it could make sense, e.g. if news stories contain the publish date in the local time of the site and doesn't localize it, it would be reasonable to also display the local "current" time somewhere, so visitors know how old a story actually is.. nowadays all global sites localize times for the user, but i could see why a british news outlet might simply display UK timestamps all over the website no matter where the visitor is located..

Comment Re:Crap. (Score 1) 232

there are many good reasons to start your own company.. but wanting to pay more to your coworkers is not one of them.. how should that work.. you offer the same service as the established company.. just without any proven business relations, any success stories, but with much higher prices.. doesn't sound like a good business plan to me..

Comment Re:Awesome (Score 1) 1176

because after an hour of driving you probably want to stop NOW and not in 15 minutes when the car decelerated from 30km/h to zero.. or maybe the road wasn't 100% flat, and either it didn't come to a complete stop or would have gone backward? who knows, certainly not you.. and making it a modified car for a disability, without any mention what kind of disability or what kind the modifications were done to it i wonder how so many people here can be so smart about how the car is actually supposed to work.. i can't even find a photo of the car or the ditch..

Comment Re:Isn't Some of this Stuff Sort of Nitpicking? (Score 2) 151

The man legally changed his name to Kim Dotcom

btw. has anyone an idea how/where he "legally" changed his name? most german sources still refer to him as "kim schmitz", and i have found nothing which states if he changed his name in germany or finland (as it seems he has both citizenships) .. the german wikipedia entry only refers to the name saying "In Neuseeland tritt Schmitz unter dem Namen Kim Dotcom auf" - does this mean he simply used a wrong name when entering NZ, or did he change his name in NZ, but not in finland/germany?

Comment Re:What did we do, the Lambada? (Score 1) 256

well, but your wording is really boring and useless.. it also didn't collide yesterday .. or the day before.. so it's not really the best title for news, since news shouldn't be about things which did NOT happen (there are quite a few things which did NOT happen), but about things that did happen.. so: "asteroids passed close to earth" (or did earth pass by asteroids?) = did happen.. "earth does not collide" = stuff that did not happen..

Comment Re:Is the story correct? LG says no. (Score 1) 83

i'm not sure what you are referring to, the cheapest price at your link is $549, or $99 + $2040 (i'm sure there are additional costs, i have no idea about US cellular plans, but i guess you have to pay the monthly rate... well monthly .. for the duration of the contract?).. but at least you have proven to your parent poster that the cheapest new iphone is $549, not $650


Submission + - How can Wikipedia's upcoming Visual Editor be better than other word processors? (

azadnama writes: Wikimedia Foundation, the organization behind Wikipedia, is aware of the fact the MediaWiki formatting syntax is a major obstacle for people's participation in writing on the site. To address this problem, the Foundation is developing VisualEditor—a web-based WYSIWYG interface for editing articles. It's supposed to be similar to a word processor, like LibreOffice, Microsoft Word, Pages, Google Docs, and others. And this is the time to ask: What did your word processor get wrong and how can Wikipedia's VisualEditor get it right?

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