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Comment Re:well, duh (Score 1) 433

Educational institutions are for profit first and foremost, everything else is second. Stop giving money to people who don't deserve it. Im not paying half my income in taxes so some shuck can go to nyu and get a degree and never get a job. Because just wait after someone else pays for college, someone else will pay for welfare.

Submission + - What Really Happened On The First Thanksgiving. (

hpinsider writes: Thanksgiving traditionally is a time to get together with friends and family to be thankful for what you have. So let’s look at what happened at the first thanksgiving. Let’s take it from the pilgrims (Poor English Peoples) account of the first thanksgiving, although it wasn’t called inter racial thanksgiving until Honest Abe made it a federal Holiday in 1863.

Comment Re:Not teh people you want for non-routine work (Score 1) 212

Sanders than surely you just proved that my statements were neutral. Yours are not. You are failing to see the bigger picture, unfortunately government is growing, not private. So yes I would wish that this isn't the case, however it is. What makes better since to private firms doing business with the government, hiring people that are very specialized and excels at their profession, or hire people that have previous experience with government systems along with the long list of certifications and requirements it takes to work on Federal IT systems. I didn't make a comment that indeed the "quality" of the average person getting out of the armed forces is probably sub par to their civilian counterparts, as they're environment had different demands and recruited different skill sets for various purposes. But I think calling this propaganda is false as the top tech firms are trying to to business with the "growing" government. As I said before, Good Day.

Comment Re:Not teh people you want for non-routine work (Score 1) 212

This has got to be the most ignorant thing I have read all day. Sure there are many MOSs in the military, some transfer closely to the civilian world others do not. Im not going to say the military has the best and the brightest, they don't. But I will say they do offer companies someone who might have a better understanding of the bigger picture and they're place in the hierarchy. Technical skills are not what is most important, fitting into an organization is. I recently left from duty with the United States Marine Corps, Happy Birthday Marines.( Today is our 236th birthday) Sander how would you define this article as propaganda? Who would benefit from an article such as this? Clearly it irks your small scope of the world. Next time you wondering why you have been passed over for promotion time after time and why you think you should be running things and your not, please refer back to this message. Referring back to this will help you cope with your failures in your professional career and personal life. Good Day.

Submission + - New HP CEO is Sarah Palin (

hpinsider writes: "HP goes from bad to worse. Then again comparing Leo Apotheker (Current Baffoon with CEO title) to Sarah Palin has some stark contradictions.

Apotheker had a nice round robin with SAP before HP, as Europe's largest tech giant of sorts, at least that is what their website claims. Think of Oracle but more boring if you want to know their business model. Leo has been hanging around SAP since 1995 and nothing to show for it. He looks like the company scapegoat, whatever division reported a bad quarter you can guess Leo Apotheker was there to take the blame."

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