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Journal Journal: Computer Swap Meets

The 'Computers Are Fun' thread over at Wil's Place got me started thinking. First of all, to make a journal entry, something I've never done on /. before, second of all, just how common are computer swap meets? I only know of a local couple which I'll go ahead and list here, but just in case I start traveling the country someday (doubtful) I'd like to know about others.
  • Oklahoma City - 4th Saturday Sale - This sale is a local knock-off of the 1st Saturday sale in Dallas and takes up one room. A good place to meet some local vendors.
  • Dallas - 1st Saturday Sale - Sale in downtown Dallas that has shrunk in size and greatness the last years, IMHO. In fact, the last time I went, we ended up going to the Dallas Fry's afterwards and got better deals. (This was in fact, the first time I ever when to Fry's) This roughly sums up my experience with local swap meets for computer parts, what others out there are there? The ones around here while fun, just aren't offering good deals anymore. And yes, this post almost mirrors the one I just made in that 'Computers Are Fun' thread.

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