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Submission + - CMU's HCII Offers Free iPad Dev Class (

hotsauce writes: "Carnegie Mellon's Human-Computer Interaction Institute is offering a free iPad development course to all students and the public at large. Taught by two industry experts in development and usability, the course goes beyond standard programming to teach how users interact with data and how they understand data visualization. This course is available on iTunes U."

Comment Re:Dear God... (Score 1) 414

If that guy invented the concept of an auto shop, then why not?

Much more absurd things are trademarked in America. Including mottos that claim superiority or greatness without any basis in fact. The whole patent system is broken, and we have an entire thread complaining about one trademark of App Store?

Only on Slashdot... and this is the day I have to be waiting for sysadmins and free to post.

Comment Container Store? (Score 0) 414

I'm sorry, but this is common practice in America.

One of my favorite places to get a drink is called Gin Joint.

If you're against trademarks, fine. If you're against a very specific type of trademark (generic term for the product itself) then be prepared to battle a long list of precedent, and also be prepared to point to a dictionary that shows app store to be common usage before Apple trademarked it. But you're in America, where I can trademark the slogan Best Programmer in the World (tm) without any proof of it and attach it below my name, so forgive respondents if they think you're just picking on Apple.

BTW, trademarks do provide consumer protections by helping identify things. When I bought a car for instance, I really did want the one manufactured in Ingolstadt.

Comment Re:Don't worry big media, the fix is in (Score -1, Flamebait) 463

Bush graduated from Yale, earned a Harvard MBA (the only president with an MBA), and few fighter jets for the military. Say what you want, but nobody was in the cockpit with him flying for him.

Sorry, but chimps have been taught to fly planes. There are also plenty of chimps with MBAs. You prove nothing.

Comment So we should know nothing (Score 1) 919

So in order to save a frank assessment from becoming an embarrassment in a hypocritical situation, we should let the government lock down all information it wants from its citizens.

Hey, those political ads once every four years are all I need to make a decision at the ballot box, what do I need to know what's going on for? Hell, even the ads are too much, I just vote for the party my family always has.

If I bother to vote. Prime time TV is much more interesting anyway.

Comment For example... (Score 0, Troll) 890

In this current "war on terrorism", the real culprits and people who are financing and supporting this war are not getting hit, and indeed are being protected. A more properly used term is "low intensity conflict", but other terms can be used too. Until you hold the leaders of this kind of activity accountable for their actions, it will continue and indeed "terrorism" will increase.

Exactly. People like Cheney and Bush only get richer, and since they will never be held accountable for their actions, there will be others. The wars will continue, those who feel oppressed or occupied will fight back, and Haliburton and the body scanner manufacturers will continue to get rich.

Yes, I'll be the guy in front of you today getting groped, then dragged away for questioning. Will this post be worth it? No, because the vested interests are too powerful to stop, and anyway, you think the terrorists just hate us for our freedoms or some other Orwellian shit.

Comment The Battle for Search Revenue (Score 1) 171

Who cares if Baidu or Bing muscle out Google's search on their own mobile OS platform? How is that going to spell the end of Android or Google as a company? ...Sad for Harvard Biz review, really.

Relax. No one is spelling the end of Android or Google. But Google did not create Android as a gift to the OSS community. They created it to be able to drive search revenue their way, instead of having to rely on Apple. If the product they invested in cannot actually drive revenue, it causes their investment to have been in vain.

Harvard Business Review understands what the average geek does not: that large corporations implement strategies to create profits, and some fail. The only thing that's sad here is the groupthink on /.

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