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Comment Re:Solving nothing, there is no problem (Score 1) 475

I'll give you bananas (we have only the 'regular' ones and the 'organic' variety, whatever that means). However, my grocery store probably has more than ten varieties of apples. I'm quite happy that most of them are labeled with a number that the scanning drone can input directly in the cash register. Quicker, less error prone, and probably easier than having to learn or look-up the code for all the different fruits (what the heck is a durian?) Etched bar code or numbers would be ever nicer.

Submission + - Windows Mobile 6 OS-Based T-Mobile Wing Reviewed (

opeeeerah writes: "Gundeep Hora has taken a look at the first Windows Mobile 6 OS-based smartphone from T-Mobile, the Wing. He concludes, "With that said, Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6 is a disappointment. Working with a number of applications or "heavy" documents was painful. The delay was too much, especially in Word and PowerPoint files that it wasn't possible for us to work with the device without messing up somewhere and not realizing it in the end. This lag is present across a number of other scenarios as well. All in all, the T-Mobile Wing is one of the first smartphones with Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6 OS onboard, and it's a decent smartphone. If nothing else, it's an interesting gadget for the young and hip crowd, though we wouldn't recommend it for productivity hounds that are looking to do reports and presentations on the Wing. Not to mention, the sexy and strange appeal of the device can't be pleasing to serious professionals. For $299.99 from T-Mobile, it's a worthy Sidekick replacement."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Wii Tops January Sales

haddieman writes: Nintendo's Wii topped January sales numbers by a large margin according to Seattle P-I.

From the article:

Sales of the Nintendo console came in at 436,000 units, followed by Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 at 294,000 units, and Sony Corp.'s PlayStation 3 at 244,000 units, according to preliminary NPD Group data cited by Microsoft. Sony's seven-year-old PlayStation 2 remained a formidable competitor, selling slightly less than 300,000 units in the U.S., according to the data.

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