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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: An author regulatable P2P? 1

hotarugari writes: I have the task of revamping a server that has private collections of files made available to subscribers. This site, like so many others, has the issue of bandwidth. Is there any nice way to leverage P2P (like torrents for instance) to allow only a specific set of people to download? From my research, the torrent format only allows sharing with all people, so sometimes the torrent link is on a protected site, but once one person has the link it can be shared with anybody. Is there a P2P out there that can apply some kind of auth (like LDAP) to P2P so that the scope of people able to download the file is truly limited?

Submission + - How to keep from getting cheated online? (

hotarugari writes: II consider myself reasonably savy, but it seems with the hard financial times, many online vendors have been cutting corners a little with telling their customers what is going on preorder. One such company, which shall remain nameless (cough Network Solutions cough) has fallen into this practice. They have offered several coupon codes, which should theoretically be redeemable. One that I received for reviewing their new site seemed like a really good deal, but when I went to purchase, the coupon code field was no where to be found.

I immediately out of distrust called a support rep from their company (who stated if I were the one on crack) that I needed to put the coupon code into the coupon field, but there was no field...which he wasn't able to understand for some reason, but since he seemed rather assured there must be a coupon field in there, I felt like taking the step from 3/4 to 4/4 of the order. Surely this elusive coupon code field would be on the 4/4 area.

But bam! I reach 4/4 and they charge me the full price. I call back to petition this issue, and they say they will refund but a day later I receive an email stating it is not their policy to refund.

Now, I realize I had just been had, but what would you have done in the same circumstance to prevent this? There was no confirmation before finalizing order screen, and I thought such was not only common practice, but actual law in some states. While I am still pursuing this issue with my bank, I would really like to know what more I could have done to prevent myself from being ripped off in this way. Furthermore, Network Solutions used to be a decent company.

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