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Comment Re:bits and bytes (Score 1) 269

From TFA:

On Thursday, the board of O-Net gave approval for residens to get access to a full gigabit (or 1,000 megabits) per second of bandwidth

I guess it was too much to expect someone posting as AC to actually click the link in the summary.

I guess it was too much to have the headline correct "Small Town Builds Its Own Gigabyte Network; Cost To Citizens $57/month"

Comment Re:Xbox Subscription (Score 1) 257

Doesn't Netflix provide the application, network and bandwidth for all those?

No, not on XBL, that's why the additional cost is there in the first place.

It does for my browser, my phone, my tablet, my ps3.

Right, but they aren't using microsoft's network.

Is there an advantage for using microsoft's network?

Comment Re:Xbox Subscription (Score 1) 257

no, but if you send me 5$ a month, you can log into your netflix subscription that you have previously purchased.

if you're providing the streaming network, application and maintenance (and a bunch of other features) for a device i own that i can't already get netflix on then sure, i'd consider that.

Doesn't Netflix provide the application, network and bandwidth for all those? It does for my browser, my phone, my tablet, my ps3. Ultimately, xbox costs an extra $5 month to give what is free/(included with subscription) everywhere else.

Comment Re:Xbox Subscription (Score 2) 257

Xbox sucks. One must own a Gold membership (about $5/month) to install many key applications, such as Netflix (for which a paid Netflix subscription is required, of course). And whenever an update is available, refusing to install it immediately will close the Live session, preventing any access to Netflix. This is hugely annoying as those pesky updates frequently happen at the least convenient time.

They really do milk the customers. I bought a 1-year Gold membership but I probably won't renew. Unfortunately the alternative (Playstation) is not that great.

I agree. I have had a 360 since the begining, but haven't used it since switching to PS3 years ago. I hated having to pay for online multiplayer. The final straw were the multiple red ring of deaths and system replacements. Why am I going to keep buying games (investing) for a system I know won't last. In contrast my C64 and NES still work.

I love the media player for PS3, but dislike the controller for gaming. I also felt (at the time) that xbox had better game selection. I'm not much of a gamer anymore, so can't comment about the current state of game selection.

Last night my PS3 got the yellow light of death. I just wanted to watch netflix so I reconnected and booted my xbox and updated and installed the netflix app. I can't f**n believe you need xbox live gold to connect to netflix. It's absolutely mental. But then, so is charging for playing online multiplayer. For the price of a year subscription, I could buy a device that doesn't need a subscription to watch netflix (that I've already subscribed to).

xbox live gold = microsoft internet connection tax.

anybody want to buy my xbox?

and to wrap up this rant, how did I get from my ps3 breaking to me getting more upset about the stupid xbox. I guess an intentionally crippled device is more infuriating than a hardware failure.

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