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Comment Re:In the future nobody touches anything (Score 1) 351

Two things:
1. If you can type on your iPhone as fast as you can on your laptop, then you are a slow typist, so your opinion on speed really doesn't matter. You'll probably never get 60 WPM on your iPhone, and definitely not the 100+ WPM that a "power-typists" have.

2. Predictive text is incredibly useful, but only up to a point. Unfortunately, it sucks if you aren't typing normal english words. For example, try typing this message on your iPhone: "Dear Svrisathana, the composer's name is Shostakovich, and it cannot be spelled Schostakovitch or Shostackovitsch. Will we meet at AX-2470Y or AY-2470X?"

(To say nothing of foreign languages. Try typing this on your phone: "Ni3 hao3, wo3 shi4 fei1chang2 ben4 de5 lao3wai4")

Predictive text is nearly useless for the bulk of programming -- sure, variable and function names, auto-suggest, etc. are great, but since the general keywords in languages are short, and punctuation/non-letter keys are very important, touch-typists have a huge advantage.

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