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Comment Re:Slashdot you are no better (Score 1) 474

There were multiple submissions about the story a while before any made it to the /. main page. It wasn't until some users raised some shit in the comments for some unrelated articles that more users got wind of the story and demanded answers. After all that, the editors finally published a submission about the SourceForge hijacked, but severely neutered the original submission to make it sound innocuous.

Comment Re:Let the bile flow through you (Score 1) 700

Yeah, that's what I was implying, but wording it as a joke. I think parents like this would be better off letting their children go to public school, but staying involved in their education outside of school and encouraging their children to succeed. Most parents aren't cut out to be teachers, let alone teach their own children and retain a positive parent-child relationship (preventing the child from relying too heavily on their parents when they're older), and it's very difficult to replicate the socialization provided by public school.

Comment Re:If Only the Article Addressed That ... (Score 1) 376

Then he should have left the "women" part out of it. Both men and women suffer from abuse, from their same sex and the opposite sex. We'd be better off focusing on preventing abuse in general, instead of specifically focusing on "man abuses woman" cases. There are many woman-against-man, woman-against-woman, and man-against-man abuse cases that don't get the attention they deserve because they're seen as less important.

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