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Comment Re:This Is Why I Voted for Brexit (Score 1) 156

Yes, regional stability is one of the many reasons.

Bollocks - regional stability has sweet f-all to do with the EU, despite what the EU administration would like you to think.
The only reason there is peace in Europe is because of NATO - something which pre-dates the EU political concept. Three of the largest contributors to Nato in manpower, money, equipment etc are non-mainland countries: US, UK and Turkey. The only mainland country who takes it seriously are the French.
Oh and the fact the previous uppity German leader was finally removed. Before that the European mainland has had 200+ years of war none of which, funnily enough, were started by the UK but always involved someone from the Mainland who decided their current boundaries weren't adequate.

Comment Rubbish (Score 1) 216

This sounds more like a PR puff piece from the company involved. Let's just ignore all of the Chip and Pin or "wave your card over the machine" payments systems in the rest of the world whose transactions must dwarf by many orders of magnitude anything India can manage. Slashdot is a shadow of it's former self - most of the articles it uses are really terrible bits of journalism or pure PR puff.

Comment Tiswas #1 (Score 1) 124

Ah Saturday Mornings. On the BBC we had the safe, middle-class, colourful jumper version with Noel Edmonds, Keith Chegwin etc. On the the other side it was anarchy and chaos with Sally, Chris, Bod, Lenny and John. The dying fly; The Phantom Flan Flinger. Lenny Henry got his career rolling on that although I'm sure his will disavow it now. One of the best bits was when he was pretending to read the News as Trevor McDonald and the real Trevor came up behind him. Although stuck for words, his comment "Well hello daddy" was a cracker. All of this of course is completely lost on non-UK people and those below a certain age. p.s. People moan about the UK and how racist it is but if that's so how does a black journalist born in Trinidad become such a much-loved icon ?

Comment Re:60 hours a week? (Score 1) 165

This is Scotland, part of the UK. There are no medical bills to rack up as it's one of the more enlightened countries on Earth which has free medical care for EVERYONE regardless of need or ability to pay. It's not perfect but it's a damn sight better than losing your house because you hurt yourself. Oh and if you can't work due to injury the state will pay you benefits. Also note that UK Health and Safety laws are very, very tough. If employees were being injured at an Amazon warehouse due to heavy manual labour they would be dragged through the courts by the Government.

Comment Re:Betcha they still run Windows XP (Score 3, Informative) 127

This is the UK. No patients are billed excepting for the occasional private room one and ambulance chasers for medical cases are very rare in the UK purely because even if they do win [Medical Negligence is not easy to prove in the UK and cases are dealt with by a judge only] the payout does not result in a huge legal payday. Speculative lawsuits in the UK are a non-starter.

Comment Re:aggression inevitable? (Score 4, Interesting) 243

The Saudi's already have nuclear weapons - who do you think paid for the Pakistani program ? It just happens that they are stored in Pakistan arsenals. If things went tits-up and the Saudi's [specifically the Royal Family and Government] found themselves on the wrong end of a Nuclear-armed Iran those weapons would quickly be moved to Saudi territory. Note the Saudi's bete-noire isn't, and never has been, Israel. [The Saudi Government considers Israel a convenient whipping boy but that's just to keep the punters in the Mosque and Souk happy. In reality they know that tangling with Israel would be a very, very bad idea and anyway they both have the same enemies]. The threat comes from Shia-dominated Iran whose population and ruling Theocracy are very, very unhappy with the way the Saudi's treat their own Shia minority in the East. Iran is not, and never has been an Arab country.

Comment Moronic Subject for an Article (Score 5, Insightful) 232

This really is a moronic article. Programming language choice is not about "popular" or "cool" - it's whatever tool gets the job done. The article also takes a whack at COBOL and Fortran. They might be old but they have been around a long time and are still in heavy use in many areas. The article also ignores things like microcontrollers, arduinos etc whose development tooling invariably uses C. The whole thing reads like it was written by a newly minted graduate.

Comment Re:Every intelligent person (Score 5, Insightful) 517

I think you will find most people are NOT freaking out about it. The media are throwing their toys out of the pram somewhat but day-to-day it has had little impact. Business are still investing as the realisation sets in that the UK economy is so big [5th largest in the World after Germany] that the EU cannot shut the door completely and keep them out. I notice also that large non-EU economies are tripping over themselves to position for new trade deals with the UK. Australia and New Zealand for example are quick out of the blocks. The UK isn't some tinpot 3rd world country - it's a huge financial and economic power with the 5th largest military in the world, for a tiny country who also happen to own lots of shiny missiles that can turn cities into glass carparks [and no they are not under US control]. Brexit, more than anything else, was a two-fingered gesture to the political establishment in the UK and in the EU whose lack of democracy is somewhat breathtaking. The leave mob might not have had a plan but the scare tactics of Remain really blew up in their face. Wheeling out Obama who basically threatened the UK economy was a complete disaster. You could have heard the slapping of foreheads all over London. Centuries of history have proved quite categorically is you threaten the UK people or put their backs to the wall they will lash out. As for science there funding in theory would be replaced by the UK funding. I suspect those whose funding is spent on Climate Change and fluffy Environmental research are sweating as the current UK government may not be quite as keen to throw money at them. Some of us aren't quite so keen to live in a Germany-dominated super state. It didn't work out too well last time and Greece is a good example of what happens when you surrender to the central EU establishment. Other EU countries might have lost a competitor but at the same time a huge market is being shutoff. One final comment - Remainers were claiming that the EU meant peace in Europe for 70 years. Funny, I thought the presence of the thousands of US and British troops in Germany plus the US, UK and French Nuclear Deterrent had something to do with it. Or maybe the Cold War didn't happen.

Comment Bah! Just a toy (Score 2) 14

You could always make these guys an offer. They might be interested in offloading it.

One supersonic nuclear bomber. Excellent for doing the shopping, dropping off the kids or penetrating soviet air-defences to deliver some instant sunshine.

Well maintained, 2 careful owners. Comes with a spare set of keys and owners manual.

Pick-up or will deliver for $10,000 a mile.

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