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Comment Re:From personal experience (Score 1) 500

To be that resistant to even accidentally noticing readily accessible pieces of information that you witness on a daily basis ... well, it takes a lot more effort than just reading the fucking manual. Really. I'm amazed they can accomplish this at all without daily use of amnesia-inducing drugs. Anyone who has worked front-line tech support or helpdesk jobs has seen this.

ugh... Don't remind me. I see this all the time... I end up face palming way to much

Comment Re:Sad but smart (Score 1) 500

You also have to think about some things when handing code down. The lower level programmers may not be as efficient or knowledgeable in their coding and could add in very in-efficient code which can slow the program down. Also if you program using any advanced techniques (thinking of a co-student of mine) they could easily be lost. I know people who could do a massive conditional statement in one line and it would work perfectly. You show that to someone who have minimal knowledge and their head would explode.

Comment Re:Clone my car! (Score 1) 500

I agree, Computer scientists atleast around here are taught computer programming. Well mostly how to program but not actually with a programming language. I graduated from a comptuer systems technology course which went over everything abit. Well everything as in server admin for windows/linux programming database etc.... The Computer Scientists are pure code no knowledge of servers or anything other then how to create good algorithms. I'm happy with my degree it atleast taught me something, it was also a pain in the ass to get through. We lost around 50% of the class due to people just unable to handle the workload. I can also out program most of the Computer Science students 8/10 times. When it comes to web programming that's about 9.75/10 times.

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