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Comment Re:consider the sales outside the US (Score 1) 244

- No internet connection or internet connection too slow at home;
- PC at home probably not as good as the net cafe's boxes;

In case of Korea, the Internet penetration rate and the speed is one of the highest and fastest in the world. so it has little to do with the speed of the internet. And of all the internet cafes i've been to, they are not top notch as cafe owners don't want to spend too much on the equipment and the latest games that might drag down the speed. (exception to WOW) Plus, most people can buy gaming grade PC for under $1000 which is affordable for any household in Korea. Considering that Korean economy is at 12th according to, i think there are plenty of markets out there. You and i do agree on the social aspect of going to net cafes. Some experts in Korea forcasts that blizzard will sell 10M copies within 2 years after the SC2 launch.

Comment consider the sales outside the US (Score 1) 244

Here in Korea, there are at least a dozen internet cafes every corner(seriously). In this land of 50 million people, there are over 20k internet cafes. That is like number of christian churches here as well. (25% of pop are Christians) People here go to internet cafes for gaming and it is same as LAN parties in the States. Except you pay $1.5/hr which is not that bad and even kids can afford it out of their pocket. In the case of Korea, people don't LAN party. They just party out at the internet cafe. And internet cafes got T1 connection so internet is no problem. (duh!) I guess US customers needs much more convincing argument that those listed here on slashdot. I wonder if battle net makes any big money off of advertisement they sell. I would suggest Blizzard to sell LAN party add on for something like $9.99. And require players to be verified some way. That way they don't lose marginal number of people who wish to play multiplayer offline. (which exactly doesn't make sense in Korea - Are you a hermit?)

Comment All those cpus are not something i really need (Score 1, Offtopic) 192

I spent about $300 to build a whole new system, not $300 for a cpu. I bought about dozen computers in the past year for work. I found those $300 sufficient to build adequate system for regular web browsing/office work with Vista running on those computers.
I think it is more important to compare combination of 3 different parts or the system as a whole. Just by adding large amount of Ram boosts performance. In some cases having SSD as a HDD helps.
In reality, i find that you can easily spend a lot of money to buy "outlier" parts just you want best of what you can get to help work done a bit faster. Few grand in difference doesn't seem like foolish investment when it comes to professional video editing and graphical design. Time really is money for many jobs. Few minutes add up and become hours over a week. That will alter work output by chunks.

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